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DuraDeck are composite mats that are strong enough to handle loads up to 80 tons. They are also flexible enough that they follow the contours of the terrain without breaking or cracking. DuraDeck mats are able to handle extreme hot and cold temperatures and are weather resistant.

Duradeck installation - white ground protection mats
Duradeck installation - white ground protection mats
Duradecks being installed by crew at jobsite
DuraDeck -  4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats
Duradeck ground protection mats being driven on
DuraDeck -  4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats
DuraDeck -  4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats
DuraDeck -  4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats
DuraDeck -  4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats
DuraDeck -  4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats
DuraDeck -  4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats
DuraDeck -  4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats

DuraDeck - 4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats

DuraDeck - DuraLink Double
DuraDeck - DuraLink Double

DuraDeck - DuraLink Double

DuraDeck - DuraLink Single
DuraDeck - DuraLink Single

DuraDeck - DuraLink Single

DuraDeck - Locking Plate - 2-Bolt
DuraDeck - Locking Plate - 2-Bolt

DuraDeck - Locking Plate - 2-Bolt

DuraDeck - Locking Plate - 4-Bolt
DuraDeck - Locking Plate - 4-Bolt

DuraDeck - Locking Plate - 4-Bolt



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Ground Protection Mat Installation

Ground Protection Mat Installation


Why You Should Use these Mats For Turf Protection & Other Projects

DuraDeck is a portable access mat used for turf protection, temporary roadways, and/or pedestrian paths placed over areas that are otherwise not passable terrain. The mats are constructed to offer safe access for vehicles, equipment, and personnel. These mats can be used for a variety of construction and landscaping applications.

Matting Can Be Reused For Many Applications For Years To Come

These Signature mats offer unique molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mats that are durable, extremely strong, and lightweight. These mats are designed to offer ground protection and easy access over soft surfaces as well as for firm support and traction for a number of construction projects and activities. The mats are constructed from a solid sheet of molded material offering greater strength and excellent resistance then layered hollow or laminated matting. There are no weak areas that can break, separate, or chip. Each mat weighs 8.6 lbs and can be easily carried to its destination by one or two people and positioned very easily without using any special tools.

These mats are manufactured in the U.S for ground protection. These mats are chemical and weather-resistant with UV blockage that literally eliminates deterioration and fading. Each mat measures 4 ft. by 8 ft and is flexible yet rigid, withstanding heaving construction equipment without causing any breaking or cracking.

They Offer Adaptable 2-Sided Traction:

The mats offer a standard rugged traction pattern for heavy equipment on one side and a pedestrian-friendly, non-slip pattern on the other side. The rugged traction includes two parallel treads that are positioned 90° from the adjacent treads to prevent equipment from spinning out of contol in wet and slippery conditions.

Why DuraDeck Vs Plywood:

The Signature mat is your best option for vehicle traction and ground protect and is far superior to Plywood. Unlike Plywood, this product:

• Will not weigh down when wet
• Absorbs water
• Will not lose strength over time
• Will not warp when wet
• Will not rot out or get destroyed by termites
• Will prevent safety hazards such as splinters, loose nails, or broken boards

The Many Benefits For Choosing Signature's Product Over Plywood:

Environmentally sensitive areas
• Offers recyclable materials
• Is solid and uniform in their construction
• Provides treaded traction surfaces
• Offers an integrated connection system

Ground Protection Mats Being Connected Together

DuraDeck Mats Being Connected Together

Not only do you get all these benefits, but you will discover these mats are a great deal less expensive. Here's why:

If you purchase a mat for $200.00 and use the mate 10 times each year over its life cycle of 7 years, it will equate to 70 uses meaning the cost will be only $2.85 per each use. On the other hand, if you purchase 1/4-inch plywood at $31.00, you will be lucky if you get 5 uses out of it. The cost per use of plywood is $6.20 which is 54% more expensive.

The bottom line, plywood was not designed for vehicle traction or ground protection. It is not the preferred product and will not stand up to the quality that these mats provide. When it comes to cost, these mats goe beyond plywood over an extended period of time. One mat can withstand 70 uses over a period of 7 years while plywood will only last for 5 uses. In order for you to get 70 uses out of plywood, you would have to purchase 14 pieces, which at a cost of $31.00 for each piece will cost you $434.00. Bounce that against the cost of the mat and you will easily see that these mats are the only good option for your project.

DuraDeck is the only product that has been designed and developed to give you vehicle traction and ground protection for its primary application. Based on these facts, you can rest assure you will have the very product that will hold up over time. Also, it will pay you back over and over again versus plywood.

Ground Protection Mats being used for an event space

Duradeck Mats Installed at Stadium

Applications For Ground Surfaces:

These ground protection mats are designed for use without any ground preparation over gravel, soil, grass, concrete, asphalt, sandy soil, and mud conditions.

Loading Weight:

This can vary depending on the sub-surface up to an 80-ton capacity on solid, flat sub-surfaces. Manufactured with engineered flex which will allow for gradual contouring over uneven terrain and provide added tensile strength. The mats are designed to return to their original state of a flat surface. You can accelerate the process by placing the mats in a heated area.

Use Caution When Encountering The Following:

• Do Not drop large, heavy objects on the mat.
• Do Not drop objects with sharp extensions from extended heights such as from tree limbs.
• Avoid puncturing or piercing the mats.
• Remove large rocks or protruding objects from below the ground surfaces, especially when moving heavy equipment over the mats.
• Do Not place outriggers on the mats without the use of properly-sized outrigger pads, especially outriggers with sharp grousers.
• Avoid subterranean pipes or other similar objects when laying down the mats, especially when moving heavy equipment across the mats. This is a precautionary step to prevent problems that are avoidable.

For Bridging:

The mats are not recommended for bridging gaps including ditches or open areas in the ground surface.

Extreme Terrain:

Show caution with extremely rough or uneven terrain when using heavy equipment on the mats. Slow and even equipment torque should be applied in these extreme circumstances.

Track Equipment:

Even though DuraDeck can withstand the movement of track machinery, there is a possibility of causing scratching or nicking. These scratches and nicks should not affect its durability or performance.

Note on Mfg Warranty:

All of the above information and cautions are intended only as guidelines. Good judgment should be used in all situations. The mats are extremely durable and designed to withstand extreme weight loads and ground conditions.

The manufacturer, Signature offers a 7-Year Warranty: These mats have a Limited 7-Year Warranty which emphasizes their total commitment to the mat users and stresses that these ground protection mats are designed for many years of life, even under the harshest ground conditions.

Ground Protection Mat Durability

Ground Protection Mat Durability

Construction mats being used at jobsite

Signature Mats Used on Jobsite

Creating Ground Protection During Bridge Dismantling In Northwest England With DuraDeck

Along England’s northwest coast is the industrial town of Middlesborough. Lately, they have been concerned about their pedestrian bridge that has become defective structurally and in ruins. The locals understood the bridge needed to be dismantled but were surrounded by soft turf on all sides making it impossible for heavy equipment to gain access. The borough was concerned about protecting the surrounding turf from further damage.

The large construction company in charge of the dismantle needed to position a 56-tone crane and a 30-tone loader alongside the bridge in order to remove it. They wanted to avoid removing grass and laying a temporary tarmac surface which would be very time-consuming and very expensive.

The company decided to go with DuraDeck® ground protection mats to quickly provide a temporary surface and heavy-duty roadway placed over the grass.

DuraDeck® mats are very portable and capable of supporting vehicles that weigh up to 72 tons. They used a temporary surface next to the bridge that offered 165 feet of grass and a separate 65-foot stretch to divert traffic to make the work site safer and more effective.

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The DuraDeck® mats supported the heavy equipment but also protected the soft ground which left the turf undamaged while preventing the loss of time and resources to repair the area. The DuraDeck® ground protection mats saved them a great deal of time and effort. Without these mats, never would have been able to finish the project in one weekend. Also, preparing the site before starting work and reinstating the field would have been a very long process.

DuraDeck® mats allowed them to reduce the costs by working more efficiently and reduce inconveniences to the residents in the area.After the protection was down for 5 days, the only sign remaining behind was the very slight discoloration of the grass. Two weeks after that, everything, including the discoloration, was gone and back to normal.

Case Study Information

The UK Construction Contractor Was In Charge Of The Bridge Dismantling

The Project Involved:

Heavy-duty ground protection for the soft turf around the bridge infrastructure.


Middlesbrough, England

The Requirements:

The project required supporting the 56-ton crane and 30-ton loader without causing damage to the soft round and grass. It needed to provide an all-drive surface, an easy setup and removal process/Able to support the heavy equipment. They needed to make sure the project would protect the soft ground

The Solution was Duradeck.