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Hot Box Enclosures

About Hot Box Modular Enclosures

Easy Installation

These Hot Box modular enclosures are pre-packed for fast and easy assembly. When you have to be in the field, the insulated panels are lightweight, so you can install them and the roof in record time. You will have great peace of mind when you realize all the components meet the requirements set down by ASSE 1060. You will be very confident knowing that the certification guarantees that all requirements for structural strength, drainage efficiency, constructed materials, equipment access, and functional design are all met.

Freeze Protection

Rest assured, you will have superior freeze protection from the wall-mounted heaters offering long-lasting performance in comparison to slab mounts.

Superior Finish

Due to its superior elements, the stucco embossed finish will provide a great visual appeal by hiding all imperfections.

Small Hot Box Enclosure

Flip Top Hot Box Enclosure

Single Aluminum

The modular design offers a maximum of 4 tongue and groove sections for fast and easy installation.

For Easy Access

The lightweight removable doors (sizes 3” and up) can be removed by one person.

Installation Confidence

You can move ahead with great confidence when you realize all components meet the requirements set down by ASSE 1060 certification. The certification guarantees all the requirements for structural strength, drainage efficiency, constructed materials, equipment access, and functional design are all met.

Excellent Freeze Protection

High-quality boardstock or foam insulation will protect equipment from freezing. When applicable, wall-mounted heaters can be installed above the discharge point to offer longer performance and safety.

Finish Options

It offers a basic finish of stucco embossed aluminum but is also available in a smooth-mil finish or you can choose a color.

Dual Aluminum

There is a broader design for dual or tandem installations. The doors on both sides of the enclosure offer easier access.

Installation Confidence

ASSE 1060 certification guarantees that all requirements for strength, drainage, materials, access to equipment, and practical design are met.

Excellent Freeze Protection

Insulation will not flake or peel from walls caused by the strong chemical bond between the aluminum and insulation. Wall-mounted heaters are installed above the discharge point in order to deliver a lasting performance and safety.

Hot Box® Fiberglass Enclosures

The hot box fiberglass enclosures are crafted by hand to a high quality finish to ensure they are aesthetically pleasing and meet the requirements for your project. The enclosures are built from the highest quality fiberglass and gelcoat materials. The design combines bonded foam insulation and are designed to enclose most backflows that are available on the market to date. They come in a full line of heated and unheated sizes and all fiberglass enclosures meet the ASSE 1060 performance standards to guarantee you are getting the very best.

The Benefits 

The long-lasting quality finish comes with UV stabilized marine grade gelcoat offering years worth of protection for your equipment.

Dependable Insulation

All hot boxes come with spray foam insulation. Spray foam will offer 100% bonding with the interior wall of the enclosure while preventing disfigurement from freezing or thawing conditions. Unlike board foam insulation, spray foam insulation will not flake but will remain firmly affixed to the enclosure's walls.

Large Aluminum Hot Box

Aluminum Hot Box with Two Doors

Sizes & Styles

You will have a large selection of styles and sizes to choose from and will meet all your project's needs.

Accessories (Optional)

You can add a fan, vent, or alarm to your fiberglass enclosure to ensure it will be a good match for a pump or other equipment that must be kept cool.

Range Of Products

Hot Box® has the largest selection of fiberglass enclosures in the entire industry with many different styles as well as standard sizes. They are all built with the same attention to quality and performance that you have come to expect. Their line of products are designed to guarantee that your application requirements are met and your expectations are exceeded.

Designer Series™ Enclosures

You can save a great deal of time and money with these enclosures and have easy access with its hinged panels and the opening lid which will make testing and maintenance so much easier. Designer Series Enclosures come with all the same benefits of the fiberglass enclosures including corrosion and UV resistance, bonded foam insulation, and well-mounted heaters.

Flip-Top Fiberglass Enclosures

The easy and convenient flip-up lid offers fast and easy backflow access. Both weatherproofing and vandal resistant are built in overlapping the lid design. 751

Vent Guard® & Valve Cover™ Enclosures

This is a protective enclosure created specifically for air release valves often found in public water supply systems. The valve cover hinged enclosures are a great choice for landscape and irrigation. These enclosures are easy to access when needed for future maintenance.

EZ Box® Enclosures

This is an economical one piece drop over unit for easy installation. It's perfect for landscape and irrigation where future access is limited.

Designer Series™ Enclosures

These enclosures are modern fiberglass enclosures that are ideal when you need fast installation and when access to full equipment is mandatory. The unique design features will help with installation and will allow for easy access when future testing and maintenance is needed.

RPZ Hot Box

Flip Top RPZ Hot Box


Design Series enclosures only require minimal installation, as they have removal hinges at the front and back doors as well as the top lid with gas shock support. Getting to the equipment for testing and maintenance couldn't be easier. Not only will these enclosures look great and stand up to the elements, they will resist corrosion and repel harmful UV rays.

You will discover that the ASSE certification guarantees that the requirements focus on strength, drainage abilities, material composition, easy access to equipment, and practical design must be met. Insulation will not flake or peel from walls caused by the strong chemicals between the aluminum and insulation. Wall-mounted heaters are placed above the discharge point in order to deliver long-lasting performance and safety.

Hot Box Enclosures - All

Hot Box Enclosures - All