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Free Shipping On All Orders
Free Shipping On All Orders


Curlex Enforcer, is biocomposite turf reinforcement mat. It contains seed free Great Lakes Aspen wood fibers. The top and bottom of each blanket is covered with extra heavy-duty black netting. The fibers are designed to provide approximately 36 months of service life, but the remaining TRM components are permanent.

Curlex Enforcer
Curlex Enforcer
Curlex Enforcer Along a hillside
Curlex Enforcer TRM installed on hillside to help prevent erosion
Curlex Enforcer TRM - 8' x 67.5'
Curlex Enforcer TRM - 8' x 67.5'

Curlex Enforcer TRM - 8' x 67.5'

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**Not available in Iowa


Where is this product made?
Are these blankets biodegradable?
What are the fibers made from?
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Are these blankets already seeded?
Can I purchase less than the 15 mat minimum?

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