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Enkamat is a nylon open structure, 3-D multi-use mat, with continuous nylon filaments fused where they intersect. Different Enkamat models can be used either for metal roof ventilation and sound reduction or as a turf reinforcement mat that stabilizes the topsoil.

Eastgate Supply is a national Enkamat distributor and ships Enka products throughout the United States.

EnkaMat 7010 - Turf Reinforcement Mat
EnkaMat 7010 - Turf Reinforcement Mat
EnkaMat 7010 - Turf Reinforcement Mat
EnkaMat 7010 - Turf Reinforcement Mat
EnkaMat 7010 - Turf Reinforcement Mat

EnkaMat 7010 - Turf Reinforcement Mat

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EnkaMat ASV-7010 - Ventilating Mat
EnkaMat ASV-7010 - Ventilating Mat
EnkaMat ASV-7010 - Ventilating Mat

EnkaMat ASV-7010 - Ventilating Mat

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EnkaMat ASV-7020 - Ventilating Mat
EnkaMat ASV-7020 - Ventilating Mat
EnkaMat ASV-7020 - Ventilating Mat

EnkaMat ASV-7020 - Ventilating Mat

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EnkaMat R45 - High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat - 8' x 90'
EnkaMat R45 - High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat - 8' x 90'
EnkaMat R45 - High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat - 8' x 90'
EnkaMat R45 - High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat - 8' x 90'

EnkaMat R45 - High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat - 8' x 90'

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These mats are the Perfect Solution as A Supportive Space Between Roof Panels & Substrate.

EnkaMat (both ASV 7020 and ASV 7010) are strong mats made of nylon filaments (fibers) forming a supportive spacer between metal roof panels and the substrate.

Good Drainage & Ventilation Increases the Life of a Roof:

They have a very long life which is even longer than metal roofing that is known for its longevity. By offering multi-directional ventilation, good drainage, and flows freely, you can reduce some moisture issues such as mold, mildew, corrosion, rot, and/or damage from ice.

This Patent-Pending Ventilation That Will Save Energy:

The structure is 95% open, creating a continuous air space that works as a thermal break between the metal roof panels and the sheathing. If you live in a warm climate, you will save on your cooling costs by reducing your rooftop's temperature. If you live in a cool climate, the ventilation will prevent freezing that can lead to harmful ice dams.

EnkaMat Being Installed on a Roof

EnkaMat Ventilation Mat Installation

Fasteners Are Easy to Connect:

These products hold up roof panels at all needed points at all required edges. You will not spend a great deal of time precisely placing each fastener to align with underlying and the not visible furring strips. This allows for quicker and easier installation while provided a damage-resistant, walkable roof.

Reduce the Sound of Rainfall Significantly:

The mats create an overhead blanket of air that muffles out the sound transfer and reduces the sound of rain by 50%. This is very important for buildings that require peace and quiet such as churches, hospitals, and schools.

How Does an Air Space Cool?

Solar Irradiance is absorbed through the roof heating the air space below. Solar irradiance is the output of light from the Sun. Using these mats, hot air travels up through the sheathing and then leaves through the venting system. While unnecessary heat escapes, the natural airflow discharges moisture that can lead to mildew, mold, and corrosion.

Enka Roof Ventilation Diagram

EnkaMat Roof Diagram

EnkaMat Fibers

EnkaMat Products for Roof Panels

Low & Bonar's EnkaMat Offers Many Excellent Features:

Similar to a thermal break, it will reduce the build-up of heat and prevent the build-up of ice damming and corrosion.

It is designed for horizontal steep slopes and for vertical applications. It also has a Class A Fire Rating ASTME84.

They are very lightweight, flexible, and easy to cut. It can be joined quickly and easily with the fasteners and will remain very stable.

These products are very easy to install. Simply roll out over the weather barrier or roof membrane.

It will provide a constant air and water flow

It's very durable and flexible, and very easy to cut. It can be placed horizontally or vertically to meet your requirements.

Its dimensional stability is the degree which the material will keep its original dimensions when subjected to either heat or cold and the 7010 and 7020 are very stable!

It reduces the sound of rainfall up to 50%

It is highly recommended for use with structural insulated panels or SIP.

It will protect the weather barrier membranes in panel installation and makes the placing of panels much easier.

About ASV 7010/7020:

This is a mat for multi-functional purposes with fibers that connect with each other. This product can be used for metal and ballasted roofing applications where the spacing in the roof provides excellent ventilation and drainage to ensure greater longevity.

These nylon fibers will not break down under the pressure of the roof or the strict harshness of a construction site which includes endless foot traffic. The space between the roof membrane, the weather barrier layer, and the metal roof/ballast allows moisture to dissipate and evaporate. There is a requirement for under zinc roofs to prevent white rust which is caused by the condensation or formation of water droplets on the underside of the roof.

When used as a thermal break, the ASV 7010/7020 will create a temperature difference up to 22°F between the roof's surface and the sheathing. The entangled structure of the fibers will reduce noise from rain or sleet by 9.5 to 13.5 dB in comparison to a metal roof on the weather barrier. If combined with thermal insulation and a ceiling system, noise is reduced by 21 dB. The ASV7010 is .40 inches thick and the ASV7020 is .75 inches think.

About the Materials:

Nylon is an excellent choice for the resistance of several chemicals such as alkalis, dilute acids, fuels, and solvents. These chemicals are commonly found on construction sites. While nylon is lightweight and will not wear out over time, it's also abrasion resistant. It has high tensile strength and a high heat distortion temperature.

When installed under metal roof panels, it is a consistent spacer providing free-flowing ventilation and drainage.


The Quality Management Systems of Low and Bonar Facilities have been approved by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard. Certificates are available upon request. They have also been tested by many other independent organizations.

ASV 7010/7020 Recommendations:

Recommended applications include spacers between zinc and other metal roofs and weather barrier surfaces or plywood substrate in sloped applications. It is also recommended for a thermal break between roofing materials and sheathing, the spacer between ballast and loose laid, fully adhered attached roofs.

Where ASV Product Has Been Used:

A prime example, the zinc roofs on five buildings at the University of West Oahu, Hawaii. This area is known for corrosion and many of these roofs will not last for a long time. The University wanted a roof system with good ventilation to reduce the levels of condensation that get trapped behind the zinc panels. They were also looking for a way to cut costs.

The mat material is perfect for zinc roofs because it will prevent white rust that is caused by extensive condensation. The product will create airspace of less than 3/4-inch and will lower the roof's temperature between 22 and 43°C. The 3-dimensional nylon structure is created by fusing entangled fibers with a 95% open matting. This will allow for continual airflow and water flow, meaning less chance of damage caused by mold, mildew, corrosion, and other damaging elements.

Not only will this product solve problems caused by corrosion and the cost for cooling, will cut way back on rainfall noise. This is an American-made product and Enkamat has proven once again, to be the most flexible material on the market.

You want Enkamat if you are looking for a flexible, durable material installed under the most difficult and extreme environments! Enkamat is made to withstand all elements!

About the 7010 TRM:
The 7010 TRM mat is a similar material as the ASV mat, however it has a different thickness, dimensions and application. It is used for erosion control purposes to help stabilize the soil in particular on sloped areas.

The 7010 TRM functions as a protective reinforcing and integrated intermediate layer between natural vegetation and soil. It provides protection above and below the waterline thereby creating a permanent solution. Either seeded, filled with topsoil or mulched, the mat keeps the fertile soil in place and prevents the fill from being washed out. Vegetation soon establishes itself with root systems that are reinforced by the TRM’s special mat structure. It can be used in many areas where erosion takes place, such as watercourses, embankments, slopes and spillways.


• Erosion control

Application areas

• Lakes, river embankments, watercourses and secondary coastal applications

• Protection of new or repaired dry slope embankments

• Spillways

• Other areas of erosion

• A stabilization grip layer on rocky slopes, smooth surfaces and geomembranes

Features and benefits

• A permanent and green solution

• Open structure encourages swift vegetation growth

• Reinforces vegetation root systems

• Blends discretely into the landscape

• Remains locked to the ground by root systems

• Adapts easily to soil profiles

• Excellent bonding of individual filaments

• Over 90% voids

• Light, flexible and does not float in water

• High UV resistance

• Maintenance free

Technical details