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Enkagrid is a high performance and cost-effective geogrid used worldwide in civil engineering projects for sub-base stabilization, designed for achieving maximum bearing capacity and shear resistance. There are uniaxial and bixaxial Enkagrid products. Product applications include reinforcement of slopes, walls, embankments, platforms and foundations.

• Subbase stabilisation

Application areas
• Construction roads
• Permanent and temporary roadways
• Paved and unpaved roads
• Parking areas
• Airport runways
• Platforms

Features and benefits
• Reduces the depth of subbase layer required
• Cost effective
• Absorbs dynamic loads generated by traffic
• Excellent mechanical long-term durability
• Consistent stress-strain performance
• Optimum interaction with all granular soil types
• Excellent resistance to mechanical damage
• High levels of UV resistance
• Chemically inert
• Fast installation with practical 5 m wide rolls
• Ease of handling on site
• Lower carbon footprint impact



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