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Enkadrain are composite vertical and horizontal drainage mats use for filtration, pressure relief, and hydrostatic drains. These composite mats have different compressive strength and water flow capabilities depending on the intended application. Enkadrain mats are used for foundation walls, green roofs, and plaza decks.

EnkaDrain 3611- Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3611- Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3611- Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3611- Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3611- Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3611- Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3611- Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3611- Drainage Mat

EnkaDrain 3611- Drainage Mat

EnkaDrain 3811 Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3811- Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3811 Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3811- Drainage Mat

EnkaDrain 3811- Drainage Mat

EnkaDrain 3601 - Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3601 - Drainage Mat

EnkaDrain 3601 - Drainage Mat

EnkaDrain 3615 - Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3615 - Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3615 - Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3615 - Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3615 - Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3615 - Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3615 - Drainage Mat
EnkaDrain 3615 - Drainage Mat

EnkaDrain 3615 - Drainage Mat


What is the price of Enkadrain?

Enkadrain drainage composites vary in price due the roll dimensions and physical makeup. They typically cost in the $500-$1,000 range, which is about $2-$3 per square foot and includes the shipping cost. These composite mats can have a geotextile fabric on either one or two sides and vary in thickness and compressive strength.

How to Install Enkadrain

Enkadrain composite mats can be installed vertically or horizontally and in various applications.

The general installation method is to cut the roll to size, lay it on the surface and fasten the product to the surface. Vertical installations may require backfilling them as well.



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EnkaDrain - Entangled Filament

EnkaDrain 3611 with Geotextile Fabric on One Side

Look To Enkadrain Products For Superior Drainage Applications

If you are looking for an extensive range of drainage compounds consisting of a polymer drainage core connected to a protective, non-woven filter on either one or both sides, you should consider these products. These products can be used in a number of vertical and horizontal applications offering drainage, protection, and filtration all in one product.

Enkadrain offers an impressive range of different products, each offers its own properties tailored for a specific use. Although the line of products are used for drainage, some of these products have proven to be cost-effective vibration control layers as well as for hydrostatic pressure relief.

Product Benefits:

  • Protection
  • Filtration
  • Drainage at Different Gradients
  • The Reduction of Vibrations
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Relief


  • Basement and Retaining Walls
  • Embankments
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Tunnels
  • Parking Decks
  • Concrete Slabs
  •  Green Roofs
  • Artificial Sports Fields
Enkadrain comes in large rolls

EnkaDrain 3611 at Jobsite


  • A Combination of Drainage, Protection, and Filtration All In One Product
  • The Leading Drainage Composite For Over Forty Years
  • There Are A Variety of Discharge Capacities and Compression Strengths Available
  • Will Eliminate Clogging in the Drainage Core
  • No Deterioration of the Boundaries Associated with Standard Drainage Methods
  • It Will Degrade Over Time And Not Pollute The Subsoil
  • Excellent Endurance and Long-Term Performance
  • A Lightweight Product That Is Strong & Easy To Install In All Kinds Of Weather
  • Comes In Small Rolls For Easy Handling & Installation
  • It Can Be Disposed Of & Recycled Safely After Its Lifetime
  • Unlike Traditional Drainage Methods, It Will Reduce Carbon Footprints

These polymeric mats offer the very best drainage performance that is far superior to other products on the market. When applying horizontally, they are able to lie completely flat allowing for faster and easier application.

For subsurface drainage, these mats provide an exceptional flow rate and can withstand enormous compression under the heaviest soil pressure.

Enkadrain 3811 Has Fabric on Both Sides

Drainage Mat Being Rolled Out

Technical Information:

This line of drainage products come with a polymer drainage core which is thermally spot welded or bonded to a protective separating non-woven filter on one or both sides. The core is either v-shaped or comes with looped filaments that are fused where they cross. As for their properties regarding stiffness, discharge ability or tensile strength, they vary from one product type to another and the same is true regarding the properties of the fleece.

The thickness also varies from 4 to 22mm. The standard mat is available in rolls of 1 and 2 mm widths. The product range also includes fire retardant types.

Upon request, you will be provided with technical data sheets with complete details. Information about specialized Enkadrain types including the CK or Wide mats used for landfills is available on other appropriate product leaflets.

We provide complete design support for all applications.


Low & Bonar's Quality Management System has been approved by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard and certificates are available upon request.

SUDS Soakaways & Porous Pavements Products:

The SUDS approach is the addition of materials for slow run-off, constricted collected water, and managed discharge to either the drainage system, watercourse or into natural soil. Also, geosynthetics synthetic products are used to stabilize terrain and can be used for the construction of many other aspects of SUDS.

The purpose of a soakaway is to effectively hold water as it soaks into the natural soil or to form a pathway to a soil with a higher absorbency, allowing the water to drain freely. Soakaways can be vertical or horizontal. The most popular being the horizontal “milk crate” soakaway placed under the pavement.

Enka-Tex is used to wrap the crates creating a filter to stop the entrance of soil or other elements that can affect the performance of the soakaway. Preventing the entrance of soil and other elements will reduce the need for maintenance. Accessible pavements are used to control water running from the surface to drain in large hard landscaped areas such as vehicle parking areas or concrete cellar roofs. In this case, you need a material that will allow flow underneath the surface to drain the soil or the soakaway. You should consider these mats to maintain flow even from under substantial loads. These mats come with a filtering fleece to prevent any aggregate in the water from entering into the core, Also, the thickness of them will allow for the reduction of force should unexpected levels of water be present so you can manage the flow and discharge.

Why go with these drainage products?

You will experience water escaping from a continuous pathway. These are not only lightweight but very strong, flexible, and easy to install.

These products are ideal for various horizontal drainage projects. Some of the many uses include: roof gardens, green roofs, parking decks, and underground pressure relief.

Superior Materials:

Enkadrain's superior materials will give you a high compression strength to withstand breaking under the loads. Providing low volume and lightweight, they athe perfect alternative. This material will give you high-flow transfer per unit volume and will perform for a very long time.

Entanglements Provide Maximum Area for Water to Flow

EnkaDrain Provides Drainage and Compressive Strength

Durability & Performance:

These mats are a three-dimensional composition with a drainage core connected to or placed between two non-woven synthetic geotextile fabrics. The drainage core is made from tough, looped synthetic filaments and fused to form a chemically inert, strong, open structural material. It's a very effective way to keep moisture out of buildings and various other structures with below-grade foundations.

Enkadrain is the better alternative to sand and aggregate drains and will never clog. Its geotextile filter fabric will allow water to pass through while preventing soil particles or discharged elements from reaching subsurface walls. Structures will not suffer from foundation cracking and the interior walls will remain free from mold.

They serve as a protective layer to prevent construction equipment, debris, or sharp rocks from harming the waterproofing membrane.Made of a recycled polypropylene core with fused entangled filaments and geo-composite fabric that is bonded on one or both sides, making them the perfect solution.

Enkadrain is used for many structure's foundations and/or walls and easily adapts to all surface shapes. It offers predictable flow rates and is available in long, wide rolls to save on your installation costs, It protects waterproofing during and after backfill, will not crack or curl, and provides an excellent bonding surface for shotcrete.