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Forklift brooms are multi-rowed polypropylene brushes, that can be attached to a forklift or a skid steer. These forklift mounted sweepers are an economical, versatile, and effective way to sweep various industrial spaces, such as warehouses, parking lots, and supply yards. Forklift broom attachments come in different sizes and number of rows of bristles.

Forklift Broom Accessories

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Hitches & Adapters

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Replacement Brushes

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Trynex SweepEx Brooms Are All You Will Ever Need:

Our commercial brooms are all you will ever need to clean up construction sites, loading docks, warehouses, parking lots, etc. SweepEx brooms are perfectly designed for a huge range of applications:

Your Docks

Our forklift mounted brooms will help you keep your loading docks clean of any debris, trash, and packing materials.

Your Warehouse

Quickly and easily remove dust, dirt or any other debris from your warehouse floors. You will be quite impressed with the results.

Your Semi-Trailer

You can quickly clean up the floor of your Semi-trailer without so much as one ounce of effort. Even the dirtiest debris left behind from cargo will clean up perfectly.

Your Parking Lots

You should use our walk-behind rotary broom to quickly and easily remove all kinds of debris. This broom will also remove snow so your parking areas will be safe and easy to access.

Forklift Brooms Are Easily Attached to Machinery

Forklift Broom Sweeping On Job site

Your Construction Site

Construction sites, by nature, become quite loaded down with dirt and debris. Our excellent combination of a broom and our very powerful magnet attachment will clean up left-behind nails, staples, and other debris from construction jobs.

Along Roadways

No matter how large or messy a roadway may be, our truck-mounted Mega Broom is the perfect choice for clearing roadways.

For Grain Elevators

Grain spillage is inevitable in these elevators but our effective, efficient SweepEx brooms will get the job done the first time.

A Recycling Facility

When you need to separate different materials such as glass, plastic, and metal than move them into specific areas, our equipment mounted brooms are just what you need.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our brooms will quickly and easily move all kinds of salvage materials out of your way along with any left behind trash, leaving your work area clean.

Food Processing Sites

Food processing produces a lot of scraps to be picked up afterward. Don't waste your time doing it by hand when our long-lasting brooms will do it for you.

Your Distribution Terminals

Use one of our SweepEx brooms to clean up debris quickly and easily, leaving your area not only clean but safe!

Supply Yards

Your work will be so much easier for making deliveries or for pickups when you choose one of our SweepEx brooms.

From Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are very difficult to deal with after a hurricane, tornado, severe storms, etc. Cleaning up is no small feat but we have the brooms and equipment you need to make the process a lot more bearable.

Forklift Broom Sweeping Gravel

Heavy Duty Skid Loader Broom

Bobcat sweeping dirt with broom

Skid Loader Broom in Action

What SweepEx Will Take Care Of:

The SweepEx line of products is not only practical but productive for cleaning and sweeping both large and small materials. SweepEx will also handle snow and standing water very easily.

Spills from Materials
Debris from Storms
Standing Water
Steel Shavings
Wood Chips

SweepEx Brooms Are Very Dependable And Backed With A Great Warranty:

The SweepEx line of brooms are designed with very few moving parts and require very little maintenance. These products do offer reliability and dependability. Along with very affordable prices, every one of them is backed with a great warranty.

We stand behind these products and SweepEx comes with a 12-month limited warranty for all products and parts.


ValuSweep Brooms

ValuSweep brooms are well known for their excellent cleanup abilities for lift trucks. They offer very low maintenance and are extremely affordable. They work perfectly for light to medium cleaning jobs for your interior surfaces.

These brooms are available in 48 and 60-inch widths and each has 5 brush rows for effective and economical cleaning and sweeping to remove trash, dust, wood, and any other debris. These brushes offer a very unique Quick-Tite system to easily attach to most lift trucks on the market.

ValuSweep's Many Features:

Replaceable Brush Sections -

You can quickly and easily replace brush sections. All you have to do is remove one of the end plates on the broom housing and slide the sections in and out.

Reversible Bristles -

To increase the life of these bristles, it is highly recommended you rotate and reverse the brush sections in the broom housing, one in a while.

Low Maintenance -

As there are no moving parts, the only maintenance involved is rotating and reversing the brush sections.

No Debris Flying Around -

Because ValuSweep brooms push debris and materials that remain in front of the bristles, there is very little dust or debris flying around.

Economical -

ValuSweep brooms are very economical in comparison to walk-behind machines and other large commercial cleaning equipment.

Options & Accessories -

We carry all their attached magnets for cleaning up metal debris and their dust mop kit to pickup find debris and other materials.

Pro Series Brooms

The Pro Broom line is perfect for use both inside and outside. Their brush sections have eight rows of polypropylene that are able to handle a wide range of applications. These brooms come standard with a forklift truck mount that's built on the hood. You can also purchase the optional skid steer mounting if you wish.

Pro Brooms' Features

Replacing Brush Sections -

You can very quickly and easily replace the brush sections. Just take off one of the end plates on the broom housing and slide the sections in or out.

Reversible Bristles -

Increase their service life by rotating and reversing the brush sections from time to time.

Low Maintenance -

As there are no moving parts to deal with, all you are required to do is rotate and reverse the brush sections.

No Debris Flying Around -

Pro Broom attachments do not kick up debris as rotary brooms do. All materials are in front of the bristles to keep down flying debris.

Options & Accessories -

We carry the entire line including attached magnets, debris collector ends, edge marking kits, and excellent attachments for the Pro Broom line. You might want to check out the available skid steer hitch option for outdoor projects using a skid steer.

Pro Brooms have eight rows of polypropylene brush sections along with an enclosed hook and chain for mounting on forklifts.

The Pro Brooms are perfect for all your sweeping needs. Please view the entire line to find the one that is best suited for your needs.

Mega Series Brooms

Mega Brooms are designed specifically for heavy-duty outdoor cleanup tasks. We offer the entire line which features 11 rows of durable polypropylene brush sections and can mount on a variety of equipment including forklift trucks and skid steers. Mega Brooms come in three sizes to give you long-lasting, low maintenance, and will effectively clean up all your trash and debris.

These brooms are perfect for cleaning parking lots, parking garages, construction projects, maintenance yards, recycling facilities, truck docks, and all other large open areas.

Mega Brooms' Features:

Replace Brush Sections -

You can quickly and easily replace the brush sections. Simply remove one of the end plates on the broom housing and slide the individual section in or out.

Reversible Bristles -

You can increase the life of the bristles by rotating and reversing the brush sections from time to time.

Low Maintenance -

Because there are no moving parts, the only maintenance required is rotating and reversing the brush sections.

Debris Is Not Flying Around -

Mega Brooms will not kick dust around as a rotary broom does. All the material to be cleaned up sits in front of the bristles to keep down dust and flying debris.

Options & Accessories -

Please view our full line of options such as the debris collector ends, edge marking kits, and heavy-duty magnets. You can also choose the correct mounting option to place the Mega broom on a forklift or your skid steer equipment.

Mega Brooms are very long-lasting, low maintenance, and the perfect solution for all your sweeping and cleaning needs. Please view our entire line to find the perfect broom that's suitable for your tasks.

These are just a few of the many high-quality products we offer. Please view through our items to find what will work best for your indoor or outdoor projects. Visit often to discover new products that will be added.