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DiamondTrack Trackout Mat - 7' L x 12' W



Our DiamondTrack Trackout Mat is a cost-effective composite alternative to rock construction zone entrances. It features a distinctive diamond-shaped terrain, providing a high level of strength, durability, and effectiveness in tire deformation and sediment dislodgement. These mats are virtually maintenance free for the duration of your project compared to rock alternatives. Each diamond feature on the mat has a load bearing capacity of 800 PSI (or 45,000 lbs per diamond feature).

The DiamondTrack Trackout Mat is 7' long and 12' wide with a 3.75" height. Each mat weighs 435 lbs.


Brand: DiamondTrack

Dimensions: 7' L x 12' W x 3.75" H (84 SF)


Weight: 435 lbs

Weight Loading: 800 psi (45,000 lbs per diamond feature)

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  • Over 200 diamond shaped geometric terrain features per mat
  • Diamonds are spaced to induce optimal elastic deformation longitudinally along the tire's surface
  • Diamond rows are oriented 30 degrees to the direction of travel to compress and warp tire surface diagonally across the width of the tire as it traverses the mat
  • Mud and dirt removed by continuous, undulating tire deformation.
  • No remediation, does not compress like stone
  • Can be reused over and over
  • Lifespan of up to 10+ years


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