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AEC Premier Coconut - Erosion Control Blanket - 8' x 112.5'



AEC Premier Coconut blankets are designed for longer term erosion control protection. They help to promote vegetation establishment on slopes, channels, and shorelines. AEC Premier Coconut ECBs are made of 100% coconut fiber to create a longer life, with functional longevity up to 36 months. These blankets are manufactured by American Excelsior Company with weed and seed free strands of coconut fiber.

***Due to the size of these shipments, on-site unloading assistance may be required by the freight company upon delivery***

Minimum Order is 25 Blankets

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Model: AEC Premier Coconut

Weight: Approx 50 lbs per roll

Dimensions: 8' x 112.5' per roll

Square Feet:

Coconut fiber

Slope: 1H:1V

Shear Stress Rating: 96 Pa (2.00 lb/sq ft)
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  • Seed free fibers
  • Clean and do not contain resins (pitch)
  • No watering required
  • Break up direct sunlight burnout and rainfall impact
  • Under normal environmental and ecological conditions these excelsior fibers do not begin to organically biodegrade for approximately 90 days after installation - long after full vegetation in most cases
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