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Artificial Turf Drainage Mat



The artificial turf mat is the solution for drainage of playgrounds or sports fields. The mats come 12-inches wide and 1-inch-thick and are designed as a horizontal sheet drain placed under the artificial turf or grass.

Each turf mat has an impressive compressive strength of over 10,000 lbs. psf. Making it able to support the weight of trucks and other vehicles. Inside each mat is a nylon mesh core matrix that is largely open space to enable optimized water discharge. Around the outside of each mat is a geotextile filter fabric. This fabric serves as a separation layer to prevent dirt and debris from clogging the drain helping ensure the turf area stays dry.

Turf mats are commonly used with synthetic grass, under athletic fields, playgrounds, dog parks, and putting greens.


Model: 9323

Size: 12" wide x 100' long (36" Roll Diameter)

Sq Ft: 100

Material Thickness: .9 inch

Core Material:
Nylon 6
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  • Thin profile signicantly reduces turf trauma during installation
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces and corners with complete and effective coverage
  • Geometric structure creates safe flow path even during backfill
  • Continuous flow even under high loads
  • Excellent durability
  • Long rolls reduce installation costs by eliminating interlocking and excessive seams


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How To Make Sure Your Turf Surfaces Remain Dry

EnkaSport and EnkaTurfDrain are manufactured to offer excellent water drainage in sports fields and playgrounds. These abilities of these products are determined by the subsurface drainage system's performance. These products are designed to stop water pooling and handle muddy conditions after rainfall. As of late, the number of installations has grown significantly in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Installing Enkaturf 9323

Rolls of EnkaTurf Drain at Field

About EnkaSport

EnkaSport is a full-field three-dimensional drainage for synthetic turf pitches. Pitches are made of natural or artificial turfs. The drainage core is made from synthetic monofilaments that are thermally produced into a V-shaped structure to increase the product's pressure resistance on both sides. Thermally bonded nonwoven fabrics are welded or sewn to the drainage core. This will guarantee that the drainage path will always be open. The joints are covered with lengths of EnkaSport that are laid adjacent to one another. The nonwoven runs approximately 10 cm along one edge of the core. EnkaSport can be delivered in widths of two or five meters.

About EnkaTurfDrain

This product is a high-performance subsurface drain made of a nylon drainage core of fused and entangled filaments and totally wrapped in a heat-bonded geotextile fabric. The drain is designed for both synthetic and natural sport turfs including golf courses, playgrounds, and athletic fields. This subsurface drain has become very popular especially in North America. EnkaTurfDrain can be delivered in widths of 6 and 12 inches or 15 and 30 cm.

How EnkaSport & EnkaTurfDrain Guarantee Good Rainwater Management

The drain should be installed directly beneath the turf so it can totally remove the rainwater. The shape of this product's drainage core is created to maximize its ability to discharge. Water is directed through the framework of the entangled filaments. Laying down the EnkaSport is very easy to do, The full-field mat is not only flexible but lightweight making it easy to roll into place.

With EnkaTurfDrain, you do not need to install a perforated pipe system or anything else related to installing pipes. The flexible strips are usually laid down from the crown of the field to the outlying drains. This product is great for golf courses and footings to drain lower lying areas.

Both EnkaSport and EnkaTurfDrain provide 95% open cores so water can drain over the entire surface. Meanwhile, the geotextile fabric will hold soil particles in place to keep the core free to drain.

Artificial Turf Drainage Mat Under Field

Turf Drainage System

Why Are EnkaSport and EnkaTurfDrain Superior Drainage Systems?

Product Benefits:

Incredible durability
Are resistant to high compression
Have excellent flexibility
Have excellent resistance to chemicals often found on construction sites
Offers excellent solutions for drainage
Cost effective
High levels of discharge even under high loads
The drains conform to irregular surfaces
Both products are easy to installation
Guarantees total and effective coverage

Turf Football Field

Artificial Turf Football Field

In a Nutshell

EnkaSport and EnkaTurfDrain systems are the perfect choices for athletic and recreational fields, golf courses, and playgrounds. These systems will withstand athletic activities and playground useage. Water and mud can be quickly and easily drained leaving the fields in great condition. They offer durability and longevity which will save on costs and maintenance.