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Compost Socks For Erosion Control & Filtration - 8" x 200'


SKU P08-200

Filtrexx filtration silt socks also commonly known as “compost socks for erosion control” are filled with a natural fiber that helps to hold sediment back while allowing water to flow though. Available in both a polypropylene and cotton outer netting the socks are a high-performance alternative to traditional erosion control material such as straw wattles and silt fences.

Silt socks are easier to install than the traditional methods and require less maintenance over time. The socks are available in varying widths ranging from 4” to 18” and lengths from 10’ to 200’ to suit nearly any application. Silt socks can be installed in virtually any climate, do not require trenching and can even be installed in freezing temperatures.

Silt Socks Per Pallet: 1

Gross pallet weight: Approximately 1,500 lbs

Includes: 21 stakes per pallet


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  Model: P08-200

  Pallet Weight: 1,500 lbs

  Size: 8" x 200' long (1 Unit)

  Number of Stakes: 21

  Available Colors:
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  • Lower maintenance with the lowest overall project cost
  • Superior & consistent results—SiltSoxx is an industry leading sediment removal BMP
  • Meets specs & performs better than even larger diameter off-spec filter sock
  • Installs 3X faster than silt fence—no trenching required
  • 50% greater flow-through rate compared to silt fence
  • Original compost filter sock with 15+ years of peer-reviewed research & field use
  • SiltSoxx don’t fall down
  • Made in the USA

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About Compost Filter Socks To Control Water Runoff

Soil erosion can happen due to many reasons such as natural forces, urban construction, and heavy traffic. Rain as well as wind and physical disturbances can create erosion as well as water runoff. Although you cannot prevent all forms of erosion, there are steps you can take to cutback on the damage caused by erosion while encouraging the growth of roots. One of the best ways to control water runoff is using compost filter socks.

Compost Socks Along Path

Compost Socks Used Near Forest

Compost Filter Socks

Compost Filter Socks are also known as silt socks and usually chosen for landscaping and gardens. These socks are mesh tubes filled with composted wood chips, bark, or other similar materials. These socks are designed to allow for maximum filtration. These socks are very effective for filtering water runoff and controlling sediment loss. These compost socks are heavy-duty so they can perform very well even under the most extreme conditions.

In areas known for the high flow of sediment, these socks will stop sediment runoff. Although they are not particularly attractive for gardens or landscaping, they are very effective.

Filter socks are installed on downslope areas where erosion and sediment control is seriously needed. Compost filter socks have also been used instead of silt fences, in paved areas, close to sensitive trees, or frozen ground. These socks are great alternatives if you don't want to spend your time digging trenches or disturbing the ground in areas where established vegetation is present.


Filter socks are commonly used for water diversion, slope interruption, for perimeter control, an excellent alternative to silt fences, and ditch check which is a temporary dam created across a drainage ditch, channel, or other areas of concentrated flow to decrease the acceleration of water.

If you want to take control over the movement of stormwater and rain, compost filter socks will slow down, interrupt, or divert water. It will redirect water away from areas where a lot of damage could take place or cause erosion to the soil. Compost filter socks can reduce the speed that water runs down a sloped bank and will help with erosion control.

Pallets of Silt Socks

Erosion Control Sock Pallets

Hillside with Erosion Control Socks

Silt socks on Hillside

For other waters including ponds and rivers, compost filter socks can stop steep banks from ending up in the water. Filter socks are great for land stabilization. Placing these socks along a channel to create a retaining wall can help new growth or vegetation.

As moving water is known to carry sediment, filter socks will help to control water runoff and sediment erosion. If you are building up a new area for your garden or landscaping, you should use compost filter socks to create a good boundary. They will trap and retain sediment and water while preventing damage.