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Free Shipping On All Orders

Curlex Enforcer TRM - 8' x 67.5'


SKU CE8.675

Curlex Enforcer, is biocomposite turf reinforcement mat from American Excelsior. It contains seed free Great Lakes Aspen wood fibers. The top and bottom of ach blanket is covered with extra heavy duty black net. The fibers are designed to provide approximatley 36 months of service life, but the remaining TRM components are permanent.

Minimum Order: 5 Rolls


Model: Curlex Enforcer

Weight: Approx 75 lbs per roll

Dimensions: 8' x 67.5'' per roll

Square Feet: 540

Aspen fibers, polypropylene netting

Slope: Typically suitable for slopes up to .5H:1V
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  • Fibers are only manufactured from renewable Great Lakes aspen that are provided by members of sustainable forestry programs
  • Seed free fibers
  • Made of consistent thickness with fibers evenly distributed throughout the entire area of the blanket.
  • Top and bottom of each blanket is covered with extra heavy duty black net.
  • Natural, stiched cover material designed to enhance germination, reduce slope and/or channel erosion, and permanently reinforce vegetation.


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Questions about our Curlex products? Visit our FAQ section here.

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