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Driveway Underlayment for Gravel Roads


SKU ESS5.0450

Our Driveway Underlayment for Gravel Roads is a common solution to provide separation and stability for a gravel road or driveway. Using a high strength and dimensionally stable woven fabric will reduce gravel migration and provide protection against rutting. This then reduces maintenance and helps provide a better driving surface as well as a more aesthetically pleasing road or driveway.

You can also gain additional material and labor savings on your project by using a woven stabilization fabric you can use up to 30% less rock for your base.

Our fabrics are available in a variety of widths and lengths the shortest roll being 27’ and the longest 432’ with widths that vary from 12.5’ to 17.5’ there is a roll size that will meet your project needs.

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Product Info

  • Heavy-duty woven geotextile provides excellent base support for roadways, parking lots, paver patios and driveways
  • Reduces the amount of base materials required for the project
  • Excellent puncture and tear resistance
  • Mildew and rot Meets most DOT specs
  • Material: Polypropylene woven fabric



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Why You Need A Landscape Fabric Membrane Under Gravel Driveway

Having a landscape fabric membrane under gravel is an important part of a gravel driveway that too many people do not take into consideration. Landscape membrane, known as geotextile fabric, has many great benefits that can increase the life of your driveway, reduce the costs of repairs, cut back on maintenance, and other benefits.

Placing landscape fabric underneath a gravel driveway will reduce weed growth, stabilize the gravel surface, and can prevent driveways from slowly washing away from rain erosion. The membrane layer will prevent the soil underneath the driveway from mixing with the gravel making your driveway look old and dirty.

There are many landscape fabrics available and some are made from plastic like polyester, linen, and recycled material. Though not essential, geotextile fabrics offer significant advantages to landscaping and gravel driveways.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should have a landscape membrane layer under your gravel driveway:

  • Curtails the growth of  weeds
  • Maintains moisture in the soil
  • Keeps your driveway cool
  • Stabilizes the ground
  • Reduces the amount of gravel needed
  • Stabilizes the gravel surface
  • Improves runoff and rainwater drainage
  • Reduces gravel holes and bare spots
  • Stops soil and gravel mixing together
  • Considering the advantages, it's low in cost
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Curtails grass from taking over the driveway
  • Cuts back on rainwater erosion
  • Prevents pests from digging
  • Improves the life of your gravel driveway
  • Cuts back on the use of herbicides
  • You will save money over time

Here is a closer look at the best benefits and advantages of using a landscape membrane underneath a gravel driveway:

Long gravel driveway

Long Stabilized Gravel Driveway

Maintains Moisture in the Soil

The soil under the driveway and the surrounding area can quickly dry out caused by the gravel heating up and moving moisture from the ground. Dry soil can kill grass, crack the earth, create dust, and cause unlevelled areas in the driveway.

The landscape fabric layer will mitigate gravel drying out the surrounding soil. The fabric is a barrier formed between the gravel and dirt, trapping needed moisture levels below. Changes in temperature and evaporation from above will not have a big effect on the soil underneath the membrane.

Stabilizes the Ground

Due to many activities on the driveway such as cars driving over it, people walking on it, and elements from nature, the ground in your yard can shift and become uneven.

The unstable ground under your driveway can cause serious drainage issues leaving your driveway old and ugly.

A layer of geotextile membrane underneath your driveway can stabilize the ground quite a bit. As people drive or walk over the driveway, the fabric will compact the ground preventing ruts and divots from forming.

Stabilizes the Gravel Surface

On top of stabilizing the soil underneath the driveway, landscape fabric helps stabilize the gravel. The membrane offers a relatively solid foundation for the driveway and curtails gravel shifting.

The design of many gravel driveways includes stone edging. This edging plays an important part in stabilizing and containing the gravel inside the bounds of the pathway. The layer of landscape fabric keeps things together and stabilizes the substrate from the underside. There is less chance for gravel to mix with the soil underneath or be washed away by rain when using a landscape membrane layer.

Cuts Back on Rainwater Erosion

Water runoff or rainwater can reap havoc on a gravel driveway without applying proper precautions to minimize the damage. Water will erode soil pretty quickly by removing the substrate from your driveway and creating pits making the ground uneven.

Geotextile fabric will create a dependable base for the gravel and stabilize the entire driveway. The membrane will handle rainwater drainage to stop the soil under your driveway from turning into mud and causing your driveway to become uneven. Landscape fabric can help keep your driveway together and reduce erosion.

Curtails the Growth of Weeds

While most landscape fabrics are the fastest and most efficient ways to stop weeds from growing, they will not prevent 100% of weeds. Geotextile fabrics form a barrier between the gravel and the soil which prevents sunlight from penetrating the soil in the areas they cover. The lack of sunlight, weeds will not be able to live and will prevent most germinating seeds from maturing into plants. Across the board, landscape fabric works really well. Seeds that are blown or dropped on top of the membrane still have the potential to grow. In some cases, weeds from underneath can make their way through the fabric layer.

That said, geotextile fabric under the gravel driveway works very well in reducing the number of weeds in the area. You will have fewer unwanted plants in your driveway, maintenance will be minimal, and your area will look great.

Reduces the Amount of Gravel Needed

Landscape fabric underneath the gravel driveway can reduce the amount of gravel needed to begin with and later on. There are benefits of using less gravel, it can impact many areas of your project including the cost, maintenance, and the time it takes for installation.

Using a landscape fabric membrane layer will allow you to use less gravel as less gravel will wash away caused by rain or when it mixes with the soil underneath. It is essential to lay a few inches of gravel to make sure the driveway is sturdy as well as cover the fabric layer completely.

If you have a good layer of landscape fabric, the level of maintenance for your driveway will be lower due to the fabric's effective stabilization in the area and controlling erosion. Also, your driveway will need less gravel over time when you have to fill in areas that require more substrate.

Potholes in Gravel Road

Water in Potholes

Crushed Rock for Roads

Crushed Rock for Road Construction

Improves Runoff and Rainwater Drainage

Using a landscape fabric membrane layer under a gravel driveway can improve drainage and water runoff. Let's face it, you do not want a lot of rainwater soaking into the soil underneath your driveway forming mud puddles. Mud can cause problems on the surface.

Placing a membrane layer under your driveway will not let water immediately soak into the ground instead it will run off to the sides of the pathway. Some rainwater gets through the fabric to permeate the ground underneath ensuring the soil will not dry out. The fabric layer also helps stabilize the gravel so less is lost when it rains.

Stops Soil and Gravel Mixing Together

Unlike other driveway layers, gravel can look dirty if the gravel is allowed to mix with the soil. The best way to stop the dirt underneath your driveway from mixing with the gravel surface is to use a landscape fabric membrane layer.

Placing a landscape fabric membrane underneath your gravel driveway will form an excellent barrier between the gravel surface and the soil underneath. When cars and people travel over the driveway and it's raining, there is less chance for the gravel and soil to mix. Stopping the gravel and soil from mixing in your driveway will help reduce maintenance and the driveway will look much cleaner.

Considering the Advantages, It's Low in Cost

There are many people who have chosen not to use landscape fabric underneath their gravel driveway because of the project's cost. That said, considering the many benefits that landscape fabric offers, it's actually quite inexpensive. The bottom line is, landscape fabric is very important to increase your driveway's longevity and integrity.

Easy and Fast Installation

If you want to install landscape fabric under a gravel driveway, it's very easy to do. You will save on the cost of labor and you can do it yourself without any issues. Most driveways are straightforward without any design features so measuring the fabric and laying it out is easy to do.

All you have to do is level the area and secure the landscape fabric with landscape staples or other devices. With a standard driveway, simply laying down geotextile fabric before adding gravel on top should only take a few hours. The entire process is very straightforward and does not require any added skills to install.

Curtails Grass From Taking Over the Driveway

One big problem with some gravel driveways is the lawn slowly trespassing on the driveway. This will depend on the type of grass you have which might cause problems or just be an inconvenience. Trimming the edges of the lawn could take care of the situation.

A landscape fabric layer under your gravel driveway will take care of the problem by blocking the sun from reaching the soil. It will prevent most grass from growing. Good lawn care is important to guarantee grass will not take over your driveway but using a geotextile layer will help out enormously.

Reduces Gravel Holes and Bare Spots

One of the biggest headaches comes when the soil or gravel shifts leaving pits or holes in the driveway. While holes and bare spots come with having a gravel driveway, installing a landscape fabric membrane layer underneath the gravel can alleviate the issue.

The landscape fabric is a barrier underneath the gravel driveway and will stabilize the upper and lower substrates. As people and cars will be traveling over the driveway, the soil underneath compacts more evenly and the gravel surface has a more solid membrane foundation. Other additional benefits include good rainwater drainage. Landscape fabric helps to remove low spots in your driveway.

Long driveway with puddles

Driveway Lined with Trees

Prevents Pests From Digging

In some environments, pests including gophers, squirrels, moles, and chipmunks can reap havoc on your landscaping by digging the ground up. Burrowing animals are usually digging for food and prefer digging in the dirt. In most cases, it will not prevent them from harming your driveway.

Landscape fabric will not prevent pests from digging the gravel in your driveway but it can help stop them from causing a lot of damage. In most cases, when animals reach the barrier, they will stop digging and move on to another spot. You can easily rake gravel into the disturbed area and not worry about time-consuming driveway repairs.

Improves the Life of Your Gravel Driveway

Across the board, landscape fabric under a gravel driveway offers a relatively solid base and great stabilization. There are several benefits of geotextile fabric barriers including curtailing weed growth, better drainage of rainwater, and preventing the mixture of soil and gravel.

With compacted soil underneath, you will have a more reliable and stabilized gravel on top. Also, your driveway will last a much longer period of time than without the membrane layer.

Gravel Driveway

Gravel Road with Fabric Underneath

Keeps Your Driveway Cool

If trees or other structures cannot provide shade for your driveway, you will probably find the gravel becoming very hot during the day. In most cases, there is nothing you can do but a membrane layer separating the gravel from the soil can cool the surface temperature.

Even though the cooling effect can be minimal, the moisture and cool air trapped underneath the landscape fabric can have a cooling effect on the gravel above. The gravel can become very hot from the sun, having a membrane layer can prevent the heat from drying out the soil and curtail how hot the driveway gets.

Cuts Back on the Use of Herbicides

As mentioned before, one of the leading benefits of landscape fabric, it will help prevent weeds and grass from growing in your driveway. On top of that, it will make your driveway look so much better because plants will not overtake it and you will not have to deal with so many weeds.

Removing weeds from your driveway can be very time-consuming. Many people will turn to the use of herbicides to kill them. Herbicides can contaminate water and damage the environment so it's advised to limit the use of these chemicals. Geotextile membrane will help stop weeds from growing in your driveway from the very beginning which in turn will reduce your need for herbicides.

You Will Save Money Over Time

With all the reasons we have mentioned why you should use landscape fabric under your gravel driveway, the most important aspects are the benefits. One leading benefit that many people take into consideration is the cost.

Buying and installing geotextile under your gravel driveway will be an additional cost but it will save you money in the long run. Not only will gravel driveways with a membrane layer last longer, but repairs are also usually less frequent and not as serious. Landscape fabric membrane is not a fix-all solution for your driveway but the benefits will definitely outweigh the cons in most situations.