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EnkaVent 9323 - Radon Venting Mat


SKU EV-9323

EnkaVent 9323 is a rolled mat used for radon ventilation. It is made of a nylon core of fused entangled filaments and with geotextile fabric covering. 95% of the geomatric is open which helps to provide a high airflow rate. It is used under concrete slab construction, for hydrostatic pressure relieve, and for radon mitigation in basement slab construction.

Roll Size: 12" x 100'


Model: EnkaVent 9323

Size: 12" wide x 100' long (36" Roll Diameter)

Sq Ft: 100

Material Thickness: .9 inch

Core Material:
Nylon 6
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  • 95% air space for much higher air flow than aggregate
  • High compressive strength —able to sustain the load of a 12”concrete slab
  • Nylon filaments resist most soil chemicals and solvents
  • High flow system reduces the level of radon up to 97%


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How You Can Reduce Radon And Moisture

EnkaRadonVent is an incredible product designed to keep down radon and moisture to create a healthier, safer environment within a building or structure. In this article, we will explain how this product is used and why radon should always be kept under control.

Radon is a radioactive gas that can go unattended because it's tasteless, colorless, and odorless. Radon is created by natural decay caused by Uranium found in most soils. Radon moves up through the soil and then enters into homes and buildings where it becomes trapped and continues to build up.

EnkaRadonVent is an incredible product created to cut off radon and prevent health issues for those living or working inside. Also, EnkaRadonVent will reduce moisture which can have a negative impact on a building's foundation. This product is in the form of a high-performance building composite mat that is 0.8 or 0.9 inch/20 or 23 mm thick material of intertwined polyamide strands surrounding the structure of the product. These mats are enclosed in non-woven polyester fabric.

Radon Warning Sign

Radon Sign

There are different composite materials to work with, prefabricated concrete slabs and poured concrete. The fabric located on the lower face of the EnkaRadonVent separates the soil and aggregate from the central part to guarantee there will be air space remaining to prevent clogging. In applications where encapsulated products are used, tight fabric will stop the cement from entering the core. Even though EnkaRadonVent is lightweight and very easy to handle, it will withstand the weight of concrete floors without having to be compressed.

How EnkaRadonVent Is Used To Control Radon and Moisture

The three-dimensional structure of EnkaRadonVent is over 95% wide open so air and radon will travel in all directions. Radon levels are reduced by 97% while air circulation will reduce moisture. In turn, this helps keep the building or structure dryer while releasing hydrocarbon gases from the soil.

What Makes EnkaRadonVent Perfect For Crack-Free Subfloors

There is more than 95% of empty space for free-flow of radon and air:
• Highly Compression-Resistant
• Lightweight – a 100’ / 30 m roll only weighs 27 lbs / 12.2 kg
• Offers hinged creases for simple placement along the foundation wall.
• Is resistant to chemicals in soils and solvents
• Will meet all the requirements of floating slab construction

Crawl Space Before Radon Prevention Work

Crawl Space Pre-Radon Work

Encapsulated Crawl Space

Radon Protection in Crawl Space

The Benefits

This Inexpensive 2-in-1 Answer:
• The high-flow system will decrease radon levels up to 97%.
• Very easy to install and handle
• Creates an excellent moisture evacuation path
• Sustains a load of a 12”/30 cm concrete slab without losing its capabilities.
• Adaptable for sump systems
• Will create a healthier environment
• Will increase the lifespan of the concrete structure