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Fiber Rolls - 8" x 200'


SKU P08-200

Fiber Rolls are a high-quality, commercial-grade solution designed to manage and prevent soil erosion effectively. These robust tubular mesh rolls are filled with a specially formulated media that aids in stabilizing topsoil and controlling erosion.

Versatility and Sizes
The rolls come in various diameters, from 4 inches to 18 inches, and lengths from 10 feet to 200 feet, making them highly adaptable for a wide range of applications. The diversity in sizes ensures that they can be customized to meet the specific needs of different project scales and requirements.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods
Compared to traditional methods such as silt fences or straw wattles, silt socks offer significant improvements. They have been proven to capture more sediment and facilitate easier installation, requiring less long-term maintenance. These features make Fiber Rolls a more efficient and cost-effective option for erosion control.

Application Flexibility
They are especially effective on slopes where erosion control is crucial but also perform well around drain inlets, curb inlets, and in receiving channels. Their design allows for installation directly on the ground surface without the need for trenching, greatly simplifying the deployment process.

Weather Resilient Installation
The installation of this product is straightforward and can be carried out under any weather conditions, including freezing temperatures. This resilience makes them an ideal choice for year-round erosion control projects in various climates, ensuring continuous protection against erosion.

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  Model: P08-200

  Pallet Weight: 1,500 lbs

  Size: 8" x 200' long (1 Unit)

  Number of Stakes: 21

  Available Colors:
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  • Lower maintenance with the lowest overall project cost
  • Superior & consistent results—SiltSoxx is an industry leading sediment removal BMP
  • Meets specs & performs better than even larger diameter off-spec filter sock
  • Installs 3X faster than silt fence—no trenching required
  • 50% greater flow-through rate compared to silt fence
  • Original compost filter sock with 15+ years of peer-reviewed research & field use
  • SiltSoxx don’t fall down
  • Made in the USA

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