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Fiberglass Backflow Enclosure



The fiberglass backflow enclosure has easy maintenance access with a flip top lid design. It is weatherproof and vandalism resistance with a overlapping lid seam design that helps keep vandals and mother nature out. It also includes a lockable top and steel anchors (padlocks are not included).

It is made of durable and corrosion resistant reinforced fiberglass. It has a smooth UV resistant gel coat that provides a corrosion proof finish that both looks good and stands up to the elements.

Its superior freeze protection comes from the wall-mounted heater or self-regulating heat trace tape.

- Size: 11W X 19L X 22H
- Weight: 30 LBS


  • Series: Fiberglass Flip Top (Original)
  • ASSE Classification: Class I (Freeze Protection)
  • Industry Standard:  ASSE 1060 Certified
  • Heated: Yes
  • Insulated: Yes

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Backflow Enclosures: An Overview

Hot Box provides a wide selection of enclosures with many materials, styles, and sizes. These enclosures are created with the finest quality and are designed for long-term performance. Their products are designed to meet common site-requirements and are installed on thousands of properties throughout the USA.

About Aluminum Enclosures

These enclosures are stucco embossed aluminum to resist UV rays and corrosion. The enclosures are very reliable and safe thanks to their riveted construction. You have the option to include Mill Finish and Marine Grade aluminum in the enclosures. These units are used for larger projects due to their versatility and strength. The enclosures offer bonded foam insulation that will not slip or separate from the walls, unlike glued or tacked board insulation.

Single door backflow enclosure

Backflow Enclosure in Desert

About Fiberglass Enclosures

Reinforced fiberglass has changed the Hot Box industry by reducing the time and cost of insulation. There are different fiberglass models to choose from to protect backflow, pumps, air release valves, or everything else that must be protected from the elements.

When it comes to installation, one person can quickly and easily install the hot box cutting back on the cost of labor.

About HDPE PEZ Enclosures

HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. These enclosures provide great protection for your devices and are strongly recommended by landscapers and irrigation suppliers. Combining recycled material with a lightweight, inexpensive design enhances the PEZ product line for both an attractive appearance and the long-lasting properties that customers have come to expect.

About Fiberglass Hot Rok® Plastic PolyRok® Enclosures

Hot Rok and PolyRok enclosures offer camouflaging capabilities that are used by irrigation contractors and landscape architects to blend in with the surroundings.

About Hot Box® Aluminum Enclosures

These enclosures are made from industrial stucco embossed aluminum with mill finishes as an option. The aluminum is extremely long-lasting and offers riveted construction for additional strength.

Because it can be customized, this is a chosen product for large projects as the aluminum offers incredible versatility and strength. You will be glad to know that your insulation will provide the best level of freeze protection required in the field. As an option, you can have wall-mounted heaters to ensure the safest and most effective results for preventing freezing conditions. All standard enclosures are ASSE 1060 certified so you can choose the product you need and know it's been tested by a third-party engineering team.

The Benefits

Optimal Strength: The riveted construction offers incredible strength and durability.

Dependable Insulation:
Whether using spray-up foam or boardstock, you will get reliable insulation.

Wall-Mounted Heaters: You will get excellent performance as well as safety by keeping the heaters off the ground and above the discharge point.

Options For Customizing: These enclosures a created to meet your needs. You can have custom sizes and components including vents, alarms, and fans.

RPZ enclosure

Enclosure for RPZ Protection

About Hot Box Dura Fold® Enclosures

These aluminum enclosures are designed with hinged access panels for easy access along with a hinged lid making it easier to test and maintain the equipment. Dura Fold Enclosures offer several important benefits such as UV and corrosion resistance, wall-mounted heaters, and bonded foam insulation for added performance and protection.

About Single Aluminum Enclosures

Choose either a lightweight dropover or by connecting multi-sections for assembly. You will save time and money.

About Dual Aluminum Enclosures

The wider design will allow for combinations of installations instead of in sections but with the same benefits.

Large Aluminum Backflow Enclosure

Aluminum Backflow Enclosure

About Custom Enclosures

Hot Box has created a custom enclosure to fit your specific project. Whether you require pumps, FDX hookups, meter bypasses, and a certain size or color, Hot Box has a team of design engineers that will be there when help is needed. Dura Fold® Enclosures offer a new design for fast installation and for testing and maintenance in the future.

The Benefits

If you do not have a great deal of time, this design will give you installation in record time and give you access to any tests or maintenance you must perform as quickly as possible. The custom design comes with hinged walls as well as front and top lids so you can get to work quickly. Removing the front wall gives you immediate access to equipment for testing and maintenance directly after installation.

Custom enclosures will give you the requirements you have come to expect. These units are ASSE 1060 certified for their structural strength, durable material, drainage capacity, easy equipment access, and practical design.

The Kind Of Protection You Need

Through its construction, the insulation will not separate from the walls thanks to the excellent bond between the aluminum and insulation. The heat trace tape or heaters offer great protection from freezing conditions. You cannot go wrong installing Dura Fold® Enclosure.

About Modular Enclosures

The modular enclosure comes with components and accessories in advance when you need to assemble it elsewhere. Unlike pre-assembled units, this enclosure is designed for fast and easy installation.

All the components and accessories are ready for easy assembly at the job site. The components meet all the requirements set down by ASSE 1060 certification for structural strength, required drainage capabilities, durable materials, easy access to the equipment, and the appropriate design.

The Benefits

The wall-mounted heaters will give you excellent protection and better performance than slab mountings. While the finishes are optional, the stucco embossed finish will last a long time and hide any imperfections caused by the elements.

Single Aluminum Enclosures

Because the doors can be removed by just one person, access is simple and very easy.

Freeze Protection

Due to the quality of boardstock or insulation, equipment will stay protected from freezing. When needed, wall-mounted heaters installed above the discharge point will give you long-lasting performance and safety.

Flip top hot box

Flip Top Hubbell Hotbox

Options For Finishes

While stucco embossed aluminum is standard, you can get a smooth mill finish and different colors.

About Dual Aluminum

With its wider design, installation will be easier because the side doors of the enclosure will give you better access. The design comes with maximum tongue and groove sections. Due to its lightweight, the doors can be removed easily by one person. The ASSE 1060 certification guarantees requirements for drainage capacity, structural strength, access to equipment, material quality, and functional design are met. The insulation will give you excellent protection from freezing and it will not sag or separate from the walls due to the chemical bond between the aluminum and the insulation.

Hot Box® Fiberglass Enclosures

Hot Box fiberglass enclosures are crafted by hand in the highest quality marksmanship. The enclosures are made from the very highest quality fiberglass and gel coat materials. The enclosures provide foam insulation and will enclose backflows. They have the most comprehensive line of heated as well s unheated sizes on the market. The standard fiberglass enclosures meet the latest ASSE 1060 standards that are available to date.

Hot Box Enclosure

Backflow Enclosure on Pad

The Benefits

The highest quality finish offers UV stabilized marine-grade gel coat that will provide years of protection. The enclosures offer dependable spray foam insulation. This spray foam will give you 100% bonding with the interior walls to prevent disfiguration during freeze and thaw conditions. Spray foam, unlike board foam, will not separate. It will stay in place attached to the walls. There are many different sizes and styles of fiberglass enclosures to meet all your needs.

Optional Choices

You can easily add a vent, alarm, or fan to your enclosure to keep your equipment cool and safe.

Hot Box offers the largest range of styles and standard sizes. All the designs are built with excellent quality for details and performance. When you purchase a hot box enclosure you will get the quality you expect from Hot Box.

About Designer Series™ Enclosures

Like all their products, you will save money and time on all installations with easy access from the hinged panels along with a lid that opens for testing and maintenance of the equipment. Again, you will get all the benefits found in Hot Box fiberglass products including UV and corrosion resistance, bonded foam insulation, and wall-mounted heaters.

About Flip-Top Fiberglass Enclosures

The flip-top lid will give you easy access to backflow. Its weatherproofing and resistant factors are built into the enclosure with an overlapping lid.

About EZ Box® Enclosures

These low-coast enclosures are one-piece drop-over designs for easy installation. It's an ideal choice for landscape and irrigation applications.

Designer Series™ Enclosures

The unique design for these enclosures is perfect for easy installation and when complete access to equipment is needed for testing and maintenance is mandatory.

Double Door Aluminum Hot Box

Hot Box Double Door Enclosure

The Designer Series™ Is Easy To Work With

You will have a unique fiberglass design that will provide easy installation and access to testing and maintenance when needed.

Brown Hotbox

Hot Box Enclosure in Brown


Enclosures require very little installation time while providing easy removal of the hinged front and rear doors and the top lid with gas shock shocks You will have access to equipment for testing and maintenance. You will have corrosion and UV resistance with this high-quality fiberglass finish that not only looks great but will stand up to time in the elements.

The top lid can be locked as well as the front and rear doors. The interior steel anchors will secure the enclosure to a concrete slab. The ASSE 1060 certification will guarantee the requirements for structural strength, drainage abilities, material quality, access to equipment, and practical design.

For protection from freezing, the insulation will not sag or separate from the walls due to the strong chemical bonding between the fiberglass and insulation. The wall-mounted heaters must be installed above the discharge point for long-lasting performance and required safety.

In A Nutshell

Enclosures are designed to protect electronics, components, equipment, and devices for various industries to operate. Enclosures are designed to increase installation and maintenance to prevent any issues down the road.

Aluminum enclosures are excellent choices for protecting, transporting, and storing sensitive, valuable equipment from harm, especially in harsh elements, corrosive environments, and high electromagnetic fields. Aluminum is non-toxic, non-magnetic, and non-flammable in most volatile situations.

Enclosures are a valuable part of many industries to protect their sensitive, costly equipment and keep their operations running properly. Components, equipment, and devices that are protected by these enclosures will continue working for many years to come.

Open Flip Top Backflow Enclosure

Flip to Hot Box Enclosure