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Fiberglass Pump Enclosure



Our fiberglass pump enclosure is designed with an easy maintenance access with a flip top lid. It is weatherproof and vandalism resistance with a overlapping lid seam design that helps keep vandals and mother nature out. It also includes a lockable top and steel anchors (padlocks are not included).

It is made of durable and corrosion resistant reinforced fiberglass. It has a smooth UV resistant gelcoat that provides a corrosion proof finish that both looks good and stands up to the elements.

It’s superior freeze protection comes from the wall-mounted heater or self-regulating heat trace tape.

- Size: 35W X 45L X 35H
- Weight: 265 LBS


  • Series: Pump Guard (Vented Pump Enclosure)
  • Industry Standard:  ASSE 1060 Certified
  • Heated: Yes
  • Insulated: Yes

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Choosing The Right Pump Enclosure For Your Pump Motor

Pump enclosures are designed to protect pump motors from the environment and other possible issues. Enclosures for pump motors are available in a number of materials including plastic, metal, or other compounds. The enclosure you should choose will depend on the application and the level of protection you are looking for.

Some enclosures are meant to simply protect the motors from debris or dust while other enclosures must be water resistant or water-tight. Depending on the purpose of the pump, some enclosures must be fire-resistant or explosion-proof. These enclosures come in pre-assembled and ready to go while others are custom-made for more specific needs.

When choosing the right enclosure for a pump motor, it's important to understand the surrounding environment where the pump motor will be operating. You need to take into consideration the temperature, the humidity levels, whether it will be exposed to chemicals or other possible corrosive matter that can easily affect the motor's performance and lifespan. Another important consideration, will the enclosure be large enough to provide for the motor as well as any attachments it comes with, including other pumps, fans, and/or valves.

Two Pump Enclosures

Pump Enclosures at Desert Facility

The Leading Advantages Of Having A Pump Enclosure

Protecting And Caring For Your Investment:

Enclosures will extend the life of your pump motor and protect it from harmful elements such as harmful debris, dirt, and dust from getting into the internal mechanisms of the motor and causing significant damage. This is critical for industrial areas that deal with harmful airborne elements.

Improving Its Performance:

If your pump motor is enclosed, it will increase its lifespan, will run cooler, and will improve its overall performance because it's protected from the elements. In turn, it will save money over the lifetime of the pump, and enhance the pumping system's operations.

For Safety:

A well-secured enclosure will ensure the pump will not become a safety hazard. Enclosures can prevent fires by curbing sparks and electrical shorts, and possibly prevent injuries by preventing people from coming in contact with the moving parts.

Compliant To Regulations:

Many local and national regulations require that pump motors be enclosed for safety. If your pump motor is enclosed, you will meet these requirements and avoid fines or possible lawsuits.

Avoid Noise Pollution:

Sounds from enclosed running pump motors will be muffled. This can be a great benefit if the pump motor is located in a residential area or near sensitive equipment.

The Leading Pump Motor Enclosures Available To You:

There is a large variety of enclosures available on the market to date, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list of the most popular enclosures.

ODP or Open Drip Proof Enclosures:

ODP motors are commonly used in clean environments with a low risk of liquids or other contaminants dripping on the motor. These enclosures have external fans that cool off the motors by blowing air over them. Unfortunately, these fans are open to the environment making the motors more vulnerable to dust and dirt than some other enclosures.

TEFC or Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Enclosures:

These enclosures are created for use in harsh environments where there is a high risk of liquid or other contaminants coming in contact with the motor. The enclosed fan protects the motor from dust and dirt making it a great choice for dusty or wet environments.

TENV or Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated Enclosures:

TENV motors are created for use in high-risk environments where liquid contamination is prominent but ventilation is not present. Do not use this enclosure in dusty or hostile environments due to the lack of ventilation which can lead to many issues.

Water Pump Connection

Connection Joint for Water Pump

TEAO or Totally Enclosed Air Over Enclosures:

TEAO motors are created for use in harsh environments where there is a high-risk liquid or other contaminants coming in contact with the motor and ventilation is a problem. That said, they are good for use in wet or dusty environments because they seem to be able to clean themselves.

TEWD or Totally Enclosed Wash Down Enclosures:

TEWD motors are used in high-risk areas with contamination but there is a range of regular cleaning and maintenance. These enclosures are good for use in dusty or wet environments. As these enclosures can be completely washed, they will remain cleaner.

EXPL or Explosion Proof Enclosures:

EXPL motors are used in environments prone to explosions caused by flammable liquids or gases. These enclosures will prevent sparks from setting off flammable vapors that might be nearby. These enclosures are used in petrochemical plants as well as gas and oil processes in mining.

Water Pump for Water Feature

Water Feature Water Pump

Weather Protected Enclosures:

Whether protected enclosures are created for outdoor environments that run a high risk of damage caused by the weather. These enclosures will protect the motor from many elements including snow, ice, and rain. These particular enclosures have to be custom-made to match the working conditions where the pump is located. These enclosures are very important for the longevity of the pumps.

Corrosion Resistant Enclosure:

These enclosures are designed for environments that suffer from corrosion such as found in chemical plants. The enclosures will protect motors from corrosive vapors and liquids. Various industries along coasts or other corrosive environments would be wise to use these enclosures.

What To Look For In A Pump Enclosure

Pump Motor Enclosures protect these pumps from many different environments so they can continue to operate as they should. When deciding on a pump motor enclosure, there are several things to take into consideration.

What environment will the enclosure be located in?

Pumps used in wet or corrosive environments will have to withstand these environments. The size of the pump must come into play. The larger the pump, the larger the enclosure should be. Another important factor is the type of pump. There are certain pumps that will need special enclosures because of the design and how they operate. The temperature and climate can play an important role in the kind of enclosure you will need for your pump. Will your pump stand up to extreme heat or able to maintain a constant temperature in colder climates? As there are enclosures that run on electricity, there must be good ventilation and cooling mechanisms in order to protect the pump.