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Filtrexx SiltSoxx 5" x 200' - 2 Units - 400 Linear ft - Green/Black


SKU P05-400S2

This 3-D tubular mesh device (silt sock) is designed to support storm water management, sediment & erosion control and pollutant removal. It is generally used in areas where delimiting at risk areas and diverting, cleaning and filtering storm water runoff is critical. SiltSoxx is often used in combination with other sediment control systems to create a complete solution.

The SiltSoxx product can be used for sediment traps, inlet protection, check dams, sediment control and more.

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  Model: P05-400S2

  Available Colors: Black or Green
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  • Lower maintenance with the lowest overall project cost
  • Superior & consistent results—SiltSoxx is an industry leading sediment removal BMP
  • Meets specs & performs better than even larger diameter off-spec filter sock
  • Installs 3X faster than silt fence—no trenching required
  • 50% greater flow-through rate compared to silt fence
  • Original compost filter sock with 15+ years of peer-reviewed research & field use
  • SiltSoxx don’t fall down
  • Made in the USA


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Sustainable Management For Solar Project Sites

So you find it a little hypocritical when a restaurant serves drinks with biodegradable straws in plastic cups? Everywhere you look, there are places trying to help in protecting the environment but fall on their faces by not carrying the idea all the way across the board.

This happens in all fields from businesses to consumer habits. We all seem to fall into the habit of wanting to follow what is considered cool vs what’s good for the planet. The good news, corporations are actually practicing what they are preaching when it comes to viable actions. On top of that, they are leading the way with renewable, sustainable energy solutions. Large solar farms are using products that are truly good like Filtrexx SiltSoxx during the construction phase. Filtrexx is installed on the ground around the perimeter of the project

Filtrexx SiltSoxx is made in the United States containing 100% recycled organic Filter Media. SiltSoxx is installed on the ground in the perimeter of the project without disturbing or trenching the area. SiltSoxx filters out stormwater and other pollutants during rainstorms before the waters leave the construction site. The product protects rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands, and other abutting areas within the watershed. The Filter Media in the sock is 100% bio-based and sourced locally and regionally. This causes a great reduction in a carbon footprint in comparison to using geotextile fabrics such as Silt Fence to deal with sediment and stormwater on a job site.

As an example, using only 200 feet of 8-inch SiltSoxx on a project is the same as taking one car off the road. It’s also easier to clean up after construction is done. The SiltSoxx can be easily cut and the Filter Media can be raked into the final grade by hand. This is known as a “low-impact” removal which is very important when working next to newly installed and very expensive solar panels. That said, Filtrexx SiltSoxx is now being used on more projects than just solar. SiltSoxx has been showing up on natural gas pipelines, power lines, residential home construction, various road projects, and other surfaces that are earth disturbing. It seems that construction sites are onto something very positive and it’s predicted that SiltSoxx will be around for a long time. You can spread the word to project owners, engineers, contractors, and site contractors to consider using SiltSoxx during their next project.

Filtrexx Siltsoxx up close
Silt socks on the jobsite

4 Creative Ways Filtrexx Can Lower Sediment Risks

The leading reasons why sediment control products fail on a site are dealing with installation, maintenance, design, and performance. Filtrexx SiltSoxx™ is designed to remove these issues, thereby decreasing the risk to your company and yourself on a project site.

Filtrexx SiltSoxx is one of the very few products that will not require trenching which can be very laborious and land disrupting. Just prepare the ground by laying down SiltSoxx. It is the easiest installation in the industry.

This product delivers the best flow-through rates within the industry. It has been created as a product that rarely moves, floats, overtops, or undercuts which has become a leader in the industry for minimum maintenance.

Filtrexx SiltSoxx is one of the few products that has been university researched and developed site-specific designs and engineering criteria based on virtually any site and regionally designed for storm or rainfall conditions. With this information, a product will not be designed properly. In turn, this can lead to higher risks of failure from under designing or paying too much for over designing.

This is the only product that has been researched by many U.S. universities and U.S. Federal Agencies. The results have been published in leading U.S. environmental scientific reviewed publications.

Filtrexx SiltSoxx is one of only a few products that comply with state and federal agency specifications, nationwide. It has also been verified by a third-party to significantly reduce environmental impact both on and off the sites.

Filtrexx SiltSoxx is the one product you can depend on to deliver the results and limited labor required for easy installation, receiving the outcome you are looking for.