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Geotex 1001 - Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric - 15' x 300'


SKU GT1001

Geotex 1001 is a nonwoven geotextile fabric that is made from high-quality polypropylene staple fibers that is needle-punched to form a dimensionally stable fiber network. This fabric is used to support separation and stabilization, subsurface drainage, filtration, and cushioning. This fabric meets AASHTO/NTPEP standards.


Model: Geotex 1001

Dimensions: 15' x 300'

Polypropylene nonwoven fabric

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  • Requires less aggregate during construction saving $50,000 per lane mile on average and reducing road thickness
  • Separates aggregate from soil, doubling the useful road life
  • Provide superior hydraulics and soil retention to support filtration
  • Mitigates dust in unpaved roads
  • Provides cushioning and protection for critical lining systems
  • Resists biological and chemical environments normally found in soils
  • AASHTO/NTPEP Certified
  • Reduces overall maintenance cost, saving up to 50% on road repairs
  • Use less natural resources – 1 truck of geosynthetic rolls = 850 truckloads of stone
  • Installs faster than traditional methods reducing overall construction time


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Geotex 1001

This long-lasting non-woven geotextile is designed for rugged applications where a high tensile strength non-woven is required. Out of the three different classes, this fabric is classified as a heavyweight non-woven. It’s composed from polypropylene fibers that are needle-punched in a random 3-D pattern which allows for water permeability. The fabric is a cost-effective solution for various applications including stabilization and substrate separation. This non-woven geotextile fabric is UV and rot-resistant, it will withstand exposure to naturally occurring chemicals, is pH stable, offers a high level of filtration, and has comparable strength to woven geotextile fabrics.

The needle-punched fabric provides a permittivity rating of 1.2 sec-1, and a flow rate of 80 GPM/ft². Common applications for the GEOTEX 1001 are slope stabilization, aggregate separation, erosion control, and a protective cushion and liner for geomembrane in retention ponds.