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Green Roof Drainage Layer



The green roof drainage layer mats are the ideal roof drainage solution. This 3D mesh mat enables water to quickly drain and prevents pooling.

Each drainage layer mat is applied over the rooftop surface and provides a protective layer that enables both drainage and breathability of roof membranes. These mats are perfect for green roof projects as they enable water to continuously discharge even under heavy compressive loads. The geocomposite wrapping over the nylon mesh media core prevents dirt and debris from clogging the drain and filters out any litter or debris.

The green roof mats are very popular in the following applications: vegetative green roofs, rooftop gardens, under artificial turf, permeable paver base, and as a protective layer over roofing membranes.

Note: The 3611R has geotextile fabric on one side only. The 3811R has fabric on both sides.

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  Model: Various

  Size: 39" wide x 100' long (27" dia.)

  Sq Ft: 325

  Material Thickness: .45 inch

  Core Material:
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  • Applications include foundation walls, green roofs, plaza decks, retaining walls, beneath slabs, earth sheltered homes
  • Excellent durability
  • Continuous flow in all directions, even under loads
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces and corners with complete and effective coverage
  • Long rolls reduce installation costs by eliminating interlocking and excessive seams 
  • Protects waterproofing during and after backfill
  • Waffle design creates open flow path – even during backfill
  • Recycled content polymer contributes towards LEED points
  • Increased flow rates over same thickness nylon and HDPE drains
  • 3” fabric overlap flap


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Drainage Mat Installation

EnkaDrain Can Be used for Green Roofs

Green Roof Drainage Layer - EnkaDrain

Green roofs have become very popular for many years. They add visual appeal for communities, reduce the effects of stormwater from buildings, absorb heat, reduce the cost of cooling a building, and improve atmospheric conditions in local areas. The difference can be slight or substantial depending on various factors.

EnkaDrain Geofabrics

EnkaDrain offers a range of high-performance geocomposites made of durable synthetic drainage cores of fused entangled filaments and a thermally bonded nonwoven fabric secured as one. It offers strength and continuous flow even under high load. The entangled filaments are molded into a pyramid configuration. 

The filter is a spun, nonwoven fabric that provides excellent performance through its uniform open structure. The system is dimensionally and thermally stable while exhibiting high tensile strength per unit weight. The nonwoven fabric is thin and flexible while still resisting tearing or puncturing. To facilitate seamless installation, the fabric overlaps the drainage core along one edge of the roll.

Pro Tip: Using our mud mats for construction on your next jobsite will help provide traction as needed for heavy vehicles or machinery and where protecting sod and soil areas from damage is a priority.

EnkaDrain Composites

This is a lightweight geocomposite drain that replaces traditional gravel or sand chimney drains and is designed to collect and discharge groundwater as well as excess surface water behind reinforced slopes and retaining walls.  The geocomposite combines drainage, protection, and filtration all in one simple installation. There are various discharge capacities and compressive strengths. It eliminates clogging in the drainage core and there is no deterioration of the boundaries associated with many traditional drainage systems.

There is no aggregate involved which will reduce the total weight of the roof. The drainage provides multi-directional water flow while the nonwoven layer works as a filter and separator from the substrate. The EnkaDrain covers a large number of different drainage mats each designed for a specific purpose. The right product depends on the specific roof structure and use.

Drainage mat with Geotextile fabric on Both Sides

EnkaDrain 3811R comes with Fabric on Both Sides


- Drainage and protection in one product
- Suitable for extensive or semi-intensive green roofs
- Lies flat during and after the installment
- Lightweight and flexible
- Lateral overlap for easier installation
- Resilient and compression-resistant
- Superior discharge
- Durable, excellent chemical and biological resistance


- Under high loads, it offers great flow rates in all directions
- Minimizes installation time
- Conforms to irregular or curved surfaces
- Eliminates the need for aggregate and facilitates the design of lightweight roofs
- Has increased the life of the waterproofing membrane