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Heated Backflow Enclosure



Our heated backflow enclosure is proudly made in America. The back flow enclosure features a lift-off design for maximum accessibility, and includes the  ASSE Standard 1060 compliant drain flap. It is recommended to add the Chromalox Heat Cable #30 with 90W of heat to protect from freezing temperatures. It is made of marine grade aluminum, polyisocyanurate foam insulation board, and a glass fiber reinforced facer on each side. The enclosure is simple to set up, safe for testers, and helps offer protection against vandalism..

Dimensions: 7" W x 32" L x 22" H


Model: 100S-AL

Weight: 26 lbs

Dimensions: 7" W x 32" L x 22" H

With or without 90W Heat Cable
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  • Marine-grade aluminum construction material
  • All models are lockable for vandal protection
  • Easy access for testing and repairs
  • ASSE Standard 1060 compliant drain flap
  • Easy installation
  • Offers freeze protection when used with the recommended heat
  • Made in the USA


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Other Backflow Enclosure Sizes and Models:

What You Should Know About Backflow Enclosures & Protecting Your Backflow Preventer

What is Backflow? If you don't know, backflow is a term used when water flows backward through your plumbing system. The water supply is created to flow only in one direction in order to give you clean water. If water is flowing backward, your water could be potentially dangerous to your health.

What Is The Backflow Preventer? The backflow preventer is in place to stop water in the main water supply lines from flowing in the reverse or wrong direction.

Large backflow enclsoure install

Installing Large Backflow Enclosure

About Backflow Covers

The backflow covers (enclosures) were created to protect your backflow preventer from vandalism and serious weather conditions. Should the weather turn really bad, your backflow cover protects the backflow preventer from being harmed by a fallen tree during a windstorm or from freezing rain and snow during the winter months.

Your equipment is built with valuable materials like brass and copper that someone will try to steal and sell for scrap. You must keep this equipment safe! Your backflow cover will give you great peace of mind knowing someone cannot just show up and vandalize your equipment.

The backflow cover is designed for a very good reason. You might have to do some research to learn everything you can about this valuable equipment. Getting information online, you will discover different kinds of backflow enclosures to find the one that's right for your needs such as theft. The more you read up on backflow enclosures, the more you will learn about them and the many options to choose from.

To help you out, here is a list of the different kinds of backflow enclosures so you can identify the one that could be right for you.

• The various levels of protection• Different sizes
• Cosmetic Choices
• Ranges in price
• Aluminum backflow enclosures

The marine-grade aluminum enclosure offers an excellent locking device for added security from vandals, protecting it from theft, or in case of an unforeseen accident. This enclosure offers an insulation known as polyisocyanurate that will protect your equipment from frost. Polyisocyanurate, or PIR is thermoset plastic produced as a foam for rigid thermal insulation. This enclosure offers a slab-mounted heater to protect the pipes from freezes that are located inside the shelter and the riser pipes underneath the slab.

Sizes – While there are several sizes to choose from, the standard sizes are 9 x 26 x 25 to 90 x 174 x 90. There are larger customized enclosures available as well.

– Coming in a standard mill finish, gray, green, or tan along with 30 non-fading colors. The prices range from $500 to $10,000.

Note – The panel or modular designs offered by some manufacturers will make it easier to customize sizes, colors, climate control, cutouts, and additives. The modular design will give you easy access to equipment. Also, you can make replacements if one of the panels is damaged.

About Aluminum Enclosures

The aluminum enclosures are used to protect the Backflow Preventers. Below, you'll find further information regarding the standard aluminum enclosures: Whether you want a pump or a valve aluminum enclosure, you are in the right place. The complete line of Safe-T-Cover's aluminum enclosures is compliant with the ASSE 1065 standard due to the patented slab-mounted heaters. Customized enclosures are also available. Discover the instructions, or drawings for each standard enclosure model below.

The aluminum enclosures ship in 4 standard colors but other colors are available at an additional cost. Standard and customized aluminum enclosures are provided by Safe-T-Cover for many different applications.

Aluminum enclosure in warehouse

Backflow Enclosure in Warehouse

Standard Cases For Aluminum Enclosures

Meters & Backflow Preventers: The standard line of products, Safe-T-Cover water meters, and backflow preventer enclosures work with OEM products from various brands such as Watts, Zurn, and Apollo with standard ASSE 1060 compliance. You will have California redwood bracing, leading insulation technology, and modular panels to gain access for repairs, services, or inspections as required.

About Packaged Booster Pump Covers

Booster pumps are often installed outside for more space inside the facility or for irrigation. Like the standard backflow enclosures, booster pumps offer superior protection from the elements, animal infestation, debris, or theft. From the first consideration to the initial quote to delivery, their goal is to deliver your customized pump within one month.

About Fire Water Storage Tank Enclosures

Their team has created water storage tank enclosures for industrial use. Similar to modular designs and manufacturing, larger sizes use cases with a turnaround that will surprise you when looking for answers. Read on for more information regarding storage tank systems.

Customized Cases For Aluminum Enclosures

Glycol Pump Covers: Glycol will help to maintain heating and cooling in contained areas and is included in the production of some plastics. For large-scale use, the enclosure must be large enough for a number of people to move around. They developed a customized glycol pump as a solution for a client that required complex specifications and was delivered ahead of time. Customizing does not necessarily mean higher costs or longer lead times They have worked with manufacturers regarding glycol pump enclosures.

RPZ Enclosure

Green RPZ Enclosure

Quench System Enclosures

In Material Plants, Quench Systems are extremely important when needed for demanding cooling functions and will be dependable in all conditions. They created an enclosure for a glass plant that demanded pipe penetrations, window panels for a one-glance inspection, and a slab-mounted heater for consistent temperatures during the winter, and an exhaust fan and louver for ventilation in the summer heat.

The numerous customized features and the ability to manipulate the enclosures were completed and delivered in a single package in less than a month.

About Air Conditioning Pump Covers

In industrial facilities, we highly recommend developing a customized project. While it might give some pause, at Safe-T-Cover the cost of creating a tailored enclosure was tempered. A facility had an air conditioning pump enclosure that needed the sound brought way down.

Safe-T-Cover gave them what they wanted in a timely manner. They delivered the panels flat and in a way that was economical and flexible to complete on-site installation.