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Landlok 435 - Turf Reinforcement Mat - 8' x 140'


SKU LL435-8

Landlok 435 is a TRM that is made of a dense web of crimped, interlocking, and multi-lobed polypropylene fibers. These are then positioned between two biaxially oriented nets and mechanically bound together by parallel sticking with polypropylene thread. This mat is stabilized against chemical and ultraviolet degradation. Landlok 435 contains no biodegradable components.

***MINIMUM ORDER IS 9 ROLLS (1 Pallet)***

This fabric is produced in the state of Georgia, USA and can meet Build America / Buy America (BABA) requirements when requested. If ordering this fabric for a BABA project be sure to indicate that a BABA fabric is required in the “order message” field on the cart page.

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Model: Landlok 435

Dimensions: 8' x 140'  (1,120 SF)

Polypropylene fibers and netting

Weight: Approximately 80 lbs

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  • Patented X3® Fiber Technology features unique trilobal cross section to capture water, soil and seed for enhanced vegetation
  • Made with all stabilized components to improve overall performance
  • Demonstrates robust UV resistance for up to 10 years design life
  • More environmentally-friendly solution compared to rock riprap and concrete paving
  • Ease of installation reduces time and labor costs
  • Overall costs savings compared to traditional hard armoring solutions
  • Applications: Low flow channels and waterways and Roadside erosion control
  • Made in America


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