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Plastic Ground Protection Mat



Our Plastic Ground Protection Mat is a great product to help reinforce the portion of your lawn that get regular traffic whether it is walking, traffic, a dog run, or even light vehicle traffic. The simplest solution is our Plastic Ground Protection Mat. Very easy to install whether you have existing turf or fresh soil just roll out the mesh over soil or freshly cut as low as the mower can go grass. Then stake, and cover with soil and seed or put down sod and wait for two mows before parking on the surface.

We have 2 additional product options below for heavier duty / frequent car traffic.


  • Models: Grass Protection Mesh (Various Grade Options)
  • Size: Various

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  • Helps protect grass areas for turf damage
  • Easy to install
  • Permeable
Turf Staples - 500 Count
Turf Staples - 500 Count

Turf Staples - 500 Count



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