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Western Green - PP5-Xtreme - High-Performance TRM - 8' x 135'


SKU PP5-Xtreme

PP5-Xtreme is a High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HP-TRM) produced by weaving 100% UV-stabilized, high denier synthetic mono-filament yarns woven into permanent, high strength, three-dimensional structure. The optimized properties of the material provide immediate erosion control with excellent vegetation establishment and class-leading long-term turf reinforcement. Additionally, the high strength at low elongation is ideal for slope stability applications (when paired with deep-seated, high strength anchors) and is unique compared to other HPTRMs.

The design life of PP5-Xtreme is rated at fifty years in typical installations, however, can vary based on conditions. PP5-Xtreme is made in the USA and monitored by quality assurance testing at a GAI-LAP accredited laboratory.

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Erosion Control Accessories:


6" Landscape Staples (Qty: 1,000)


6" Biodegradable Stakes (Qty: 500)

12” Steel Pin with washer (Qty: 100)
12” Steel Pin with washer (Qty: 100)

12” Steel Pin with washer (Qty: 100)


8" Landscape Staples (Qty: 500)


6" Round-Top Pins (Qty: 1,000)


    ECB Downloads

  • SR-1 Spec Sheet
  • SR-1RG  Spec Sheet
  • SS-2 Spec Sheet
  • SS-2RG Spec Sheet
  • CS-3 Spec Sheet
  • CC-4 Spec Sheet
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  • SS-2AN Spec Sheet
  • CS-3AN Spec Sheet
  • CC-4AN Spec Sheet
  • Installation Guide
  • Brochure

    TRM Downloads

  • PP5-8 Spec Sheet
  • PP5-10 Spec Sheet
  • PP5-12 Spec Sheet
  • ECSC-3 Spec Sheet
  • ECC-3 Spec Sheet
  • ECP-3 Spec Sheet
  • PP5-Pro Spec Sheet
  • PP5-Xtreme Spec Sheet
  • Installation Guide
  • Brochure