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Alturnamats - 4' x 8' Ground Protection Mats



AlturnaMAT is a high load capacity ground protection mat. These mats are used over soft or sensitive ground conditions in the construction, civil engineering, groundwork, and events industries. These rugged mats are made of 0.5in. (12.7 mm) thick polyethylene.

AlturnaMATS® can withstand loads of up to 120 tons*, and its flexible construction means that these mats will follow the contours of the ground to deliver a highly effective access solution over undulating or sloping ground conditions. 

These mats can be connected together using our Turn-A-Links connectors to create a secure trackway or work pad.

***Minimum Order = 14 Mats***


Model: Alturnamat

Dimensions: 8' L x 4' W (32 SF)

1/2" Thick High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) post-industrial recycled plastic

Weight: 86 lbs

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  • 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Diamond cleat tread surface provides impressive grip
  • Optional hand holes for easy maneuverability
  • Supports loads up to 120 tons*
  • Contours to different ground conditions due to its flexible design
  • Mats can be locked together with Turn-A-Links forming a continuous roadway or workable platform

AlturnaMAT Ground Protection

AlturnaMAT is a high load mat with a dynamic diamond plate tread designed to protect soft ground conditions in construction and prevent vehicles from slipping. The mats are made of thick polyethylene and are considered almost indestructible. Plywood can move out of place if the vehicles make an abrupt turn of the wheels. The spinning can be eliminated by using the best ground protection mats that have interlocking connections to prevent the panels from sliding or slipping out of place.

Alturnamats need very little maintenance and it can be moved compactly. Clean the mat sections using a standard cleaning fluid using a hard bristled brush. or use a pressure washer for deeper cleaning. Sections can be stacked on pallets banded and transported together using a forklift. Suggested pallets consist of 25 mats each. Altunamats can be stored either indoors or outdoors and stacked as high as it's considered safe.

In order to protect your job site and workers dealing with projects on the uneven and muddy ground, you need every option at your disposal. Wet or uneven ground can cause trucks to get stuck, causing equipment to fail, and worse yet, create a hazardous environment putting your team in harm's way. This mat is a portable lightweight composite matter system designed specifically to give you access to roads and working platforms for vehicles, equipment, and your personnel.

What Colors of Ground Protection Mats Are The Best Choices?

The color of the matting will depend on what is beneath it, not on color preferences. The majority of mats come in Black, White, and Translucent. The following is a breakdown of the colors and which color is best for which application.

White mats are perfect for dark areas such as underneath bridges or in tunnels. This color will reflect and illuminate these areas for added safety.

Black is one of the more popular colors and is used in commercial construction and projects.

Translucent/Clear matting which looks tan in color, but lets sunlight through is ideal for lawns or grassy areas as it helps promote growth through the duration of the project.

For Pedestrian Use

For installation where pedestrians will be walking then the plate can be bolted down for use. These bolts will take a little more time to install because you must connect the plate and ratchet them down to keep them safely in place. The benefits of the bolts are not noticeable but have less protrusion and there is no concern about someone tripping on them.

What Side of the AlturnaMAT Should Face Up?

The AlturnaMAT and lightweight mats are double-sided so which side should be facing up will depend on its use. As each mat is dual-sided offering a larger spaced grid pattern as well as a smaller grid pattern. 

Also, the larger spaced diamond pattern should be facing up if heavier equipment will be using this matting.
If these mats are used for pedestrian traffic the tighter pattern grids should face up for better foot traffic  traction.

Contractors and construction workers have to drive over manicured lawn areas to get to their worksites. These are the people who use ground protection mats regularly.

These ground protection mats are used to protect the ground from tires ripping up the dirt as well as plants in the area and these mats provide some traction. There are tires that need more traction to move forward, not just spin in place. These mats will make sure the wheels of machinery will grip for the much-needed traction.

Alturnamat direction heavy equipment mat

Alturnamats are large diamond pattern face up for best traction of heavy equipment

What Applications Are Best For Ground Protection Mats?

Ground protection mats are commonly used for a variety of projects and industries. The idea is to offer traction and stability for vehicles and for pedestrians to travel over in all kinds of weather without rutting the ground or damaging the area while the project is in progress. These mats provide a structurally stable work area or path egress to and from the site.

Here are some of the most popular applications for Ground Protection Mats:

  • Access roads
  • Creating temporary roads
  • Over grass for residential landscapes
  • Temporary sidewalks
  • Sandy beach access matting
  • Short-term or event parking locations
  • Protecting playing fields such as football, soccer, or baseball
Alturnamat Ground Protection over grass lawn

Alturnamat on grassy lawn area

Alturnamats the Best Choice to Protect Grass 

Ground protection mats are large pieces of sturdy material to keep your ground protected. These mats are used to project grassy areas from tire treads during the construction process. 

These mats are made of a heavy material that can withstand a great deal of weight while keeping the ground beneath them safe.

If a homeowner hires a contractor to build a guest house in their backyard, the contractor is more than likely going to drive trucks and forklifts into the backyard. It's inevitable there would be a certain level of damage from walking or driving building machinery over the ground. Ground mats are used to create a firm surface while protecting a home's green grass and not destroying it.

Indoor Construction Work

While Altunamats are typically used outdoors, they can also be used for indoor work. Indoor work is usually performed when construction work has been completed on a building such as after the floors have been installed.

As an example, ground mats should be installed if a building has to undergo extensive work on one of its ceilings. The ceiling would require a lot of heavy equipment that could easily scuff and scratch the floors.

In order to keep the floors intact and not damaged, the contractor will most likely lay down ground protection mats. This is an added protection to ensure they will not have to worry about the floors. These mats are generally smaller because they are being used in a much smaller space. It's very unlikely these mats would be too large to fit through most standard doorways.

There are other situations requiring ground protection mats. While these mats are used to protect the ground during construction, they can also be used in other situations. As an example, where heavy equipment will be temporarily used, driven over grass, or over finished flooring, you should expect to have ground protection mats in place.

There are times like for sporting events when bleachers will be constructed even for temporary carnival rides. Various events and ceremonies might lay down ground protection mats to protect the grass underfoot from being harmed by crowds of people.

If a paved lot has been completed, Alturnamats can be used as a temporary parking area to keep a building's lawn looking pristine. Even if you don't plan on using ground protection mats every day, it's great to know these versatile mats will be available when you need them.