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Curlex I - Erosion Control Blanket - 8' x 112.5' Green


SKU CUR-049.2915.73

Curlex I is an erosion control blanket (ECB) that is made from curled aspen wood fibers and held together by polypropylene single netting. Curlex 1 helps prevent erosion and promotes vegetation on slopes and channels. Curlex 1 can be used on 2H:1V slopes.

***Due to the size of  these shipments, on-site unloading assistance may be required by the freight company upon delivery***

Minimum Order is 15 Blankets

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Model: CUR-049.2915.73

Weight: Approx 75 lbs per roll

Dimensions: 8' x 112.5' per roll

Square Feet:

Aspen fibers, polypropylene netting

Slope: 2H:1V & Flatter

Shear Stress Rating: 84 Pa (1.75lb/sq ft)
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  • Fibers are only manufactured from renewable Great Lakes aspen that are provided by members of sustainable forestry programs
  • Seed free fibers
  • Clean and do not contain resins (pitch)
  • No watering required
  • Break up direct sunlight burnout and rainfall impact
  • Under normal environmental and ecological conditions these excelsior fibers do not begin to organically biodegrade for approximately 90 days after installation - long after full vegetation in most cases

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Questions about our Curlex products? Visit our FAQ section here. Read The Helpful Illustrated Guide to Erosion Control Blankets.

Curlex QuickGRASS To Control The Loss Of Soil Is The Right Solution

In order to control soil loss and enhance the beautiful appeal of two adjoining residential properties that are under construction, the owners chose American Excelsior Company’s Curlex I QuickGRASS for Hampden Woods, (an exclusive residential community) and Legacy Point Town Homes. Both sit on Green Oaks Boulevard in Arlington, Texas, and are owned by Don Pilkington and Creston Properties.

While both properties were under construction for new homes and townhouses, they were confronted with potential problems including water-runoff and soil loss while filling the man-made ponds to add a touch country to the properties. The project included excavated slopes that were not yet protected by vegetation, causing great concern of possible erosion. The entire project was designed to attract buyers during the construction stage. Therefore, it was vital to the owners to create an aesthetically pleasing ground cover before vegetarian growth.

Project on-site engineer, Benny Woolery, requested American Excelsior evaluate the site and make recommendations to prevent erosion or other potential issues from taking place. A local American Excelsior representative walked the grounds and recommended installing Curlex I QuickGRASS.

The QuickGRASS blanket is 100% natural Great Lakes Aspen that has been dyed green. The features include a uniform color and thickness along with a photodegradable netting applied to one side of the blanket.

QuickGRASS has shown excellent results for soil retention and stabilizing slopes as steep as 2H:1V.

For Hampton Woods and Legacy Point, over 64,000 yards of QuickGRASS were installed by Cen-Tex Seeding from Fort Worth, Texas. The blankets provided great erosion control to prevent soil loss and controlling water flow. The results would prevent trenching and gullies typically caused by water runoff and the beautiful appearance of the man-made ponds would be preserved. The blankets also offered the appearance of a green slope until the vegetation had the chance to become established.

The Benefits of Curlex I QuickGRASS

• The green color gives the appearance of natural turf immediately.
• It’s great protection for slopes up to 2H:1V.
• Accelerates germination.
• Holds and releases moisture.
• Helps to control the fluctuation of soil surface temperatures.
• Great protection from high winds and sun burnout.
• Cuts back on rain impact to reduce erosion.
• The barbed fibers inter-lock to the soil for better adhesion.

Curlex comes in green and tan options

Case Study - Bellingham, MA

In Bellingham, MA, the 15-year-old landfill on South Maple Street was closed. Curlex I QuickGRASS blankets from American Excelsior Company’s were selected to provide erosion protection on 15 acres of the 20-acre site. The site has moderate slopes in various areas. The superintendent wanted the job to include a product that would protect the slopes, be cost-effective, and easy to install while remaining aesthetically pleasing to the town’s residents.

The original job requirements called for a straw and coconut fiber blanket. But, the superintendents believed American Excelsior Company’s green QuickGRASS blanket would be more pleasing to the eye. QuickGRASS is created to look like natural turf. It’s designed from 100% natural Great Lakes Aspen. It is composed of consistent in color and thickness as well as photodegradable netting which is applied to one side of the blanket.

Approximately 77,460 yards of QuickGRASS were installed on the landfill. Due to the enormous area to be covered, wide 8-foot rolls of Curlex I blankets was chosen to speed up the application time.

Shock Absorption

The mat of Curlex fibers and netting will stop the destructive energy from raindrops, stabilizes soil, and keeps seeds in place while helping to establish vegetation.

Vegetation Penetration

Vegetation will grow through the matting, helping to anchor the mat in place. Each blade of grass becomes another anchor point.

Curlex used near river

Tournament Players Club Golf Course Hits An All-Time High With Curlex QuickGRASS Study

The Tournament Player Club of the Twin Cities in Blaine, Minnesota opened in 2000. The site is owned and operated by PGA Tour Golf Properties which is home to the Coldwell Bank Burnet Senior Classic. The Tournament Players Club is a regular stop on the PGA Senior Tour.

Several years back, TCP came to Blaine and decided to build a new World Class golf course. Construction began on the 18 million dollar project. They designed a course with approximately 27 ponds. Enebak Construction of Northfield, Minnesota was contracted to literally move 5 million cubic yards of earth which is ten times more than any typical golf course project has been.

Early into the project, Palmer Gold realized they were facing a huge challenge trying to move huge volumes of earth without harming the environment and water quality. Along with other consultants, including PGA tour player, Tome Lehman, and PGA tour golf course architect Steven Wenzloff, a plan was devised that would satisfy the EPA regulations. One of the biggest problems was the recently constructed terrain that was built out of erodible fine sand and peat. The first rains were likely to generate an inevitable environmental disaster if not addressed.

Brock White Company in St. Paul requested representatives of American Excelsior Company to go to the site with Enebak Construction and PGA personnel to find out what could possibly be done to correct the situation. They viewed the site, discussed the difficulties and alternatives. It was decided the Curlex erosion control blanket offered the right combination of erosion control and would increase vegetation growth.

Due to their extensive line of products, American Excelsior's Curlex I QuickGRASS was chosen. The control blanket is made from the Great Lakes Aspen with polypropylene netting placed on the top. The barbed interlocking fibers cling to the soil, preventing movement. On top of that, they absorb well over 250% of their weight in water to guarantee an excellent climate for seed germination and for seeding to become established. QuickGRASS became a big hit with everyone involved. As the netting degrades rapidly when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, it was the right choice and would not interfere with mowing and maintenance operations.

American Excelsior as well as Heikes Farms of Elko, Minnesota faced their own challenges during this project. Heikes Farms was in charge of the installation of the blanket. They were on a very tough schedule to make sure the environmental issues relating to erosion would not happen. Most contractors would agree that 10,000 square yards each day was the right direction to move in. Heikes Farms went a step further by using a 15-16 man crew and 8 ft wide rolls making it achievable to install 35,000 yards of the blanket in one day. Everyone who was involved in this project should pat themselves on the back for a job well done.