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Drainage Silt Sock - 8" x 200'


SKU P08-200

Drainage silt socks are tubular sock-type erosion control products that are filled with a natural fiber which help to control sediment flows into sensitive areas. Drainage silt socks can be installed on the side of ditches, on embankments as well as on swales or even as a perimeter to a job site. Silt socks are a high performance erosion control alternative to silt fences or straw wattles and require much less maintenance over time due to the outer “netting” available in both polypropylene or cotton.

The socks are available in a variety of different widths and lengths to suite nearly any jobsite or application. The socks can be installed in freezing temperatures and in nearly any climate.

Silt Socks Per Pallet: 1

Gross pallet weight: Approximately 1,500 lbs

Includes: 21 stakes per pallet

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  Model: P08-200

  Pallet Weight: 1,500 lbs

  Size: 8" x 200' long (1 Unit)

  Number of Stakes: 21

  Available Colors:
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  • Lower maintenance with the lowest overall project cost
  • Superior & consistent results—SiltSoxx is an industry leading sediment removal BMP
  • Meets specs & performs better than even larger diameter off-spec filter sock
  • Installs 3X faster than silt fence—no trenching required
  • 50% greater flow-through rate compared to silt fence
  • Original compost filter sock with 15+ years of peer-reviewed research & field use
  • SiltSoxx don’t fall down
  • Made in the USA

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Filtrexx siltsoxx for erosion control

Drainage Silt Socks in Grass

About Filtrexx® SiltSoxx® For Sediment Control

Filtrexx offers different products for your site or project needs. This company has been active for over 20 years to give you the peace of mind needed for excellent products.

Filtrexx SiltSoxx® is fast and very easy to install while keeping costs way down for sediment control The easy installation is excellent for a variety of construction needs. Filtrexx SiltSoxx will save you money by reducing the cost of labor, installation, and maintenance while giving you maximum performance.

Mesh Tensile Strength

What Tensile Strength Is & How To Measure It -

Tensile strength is the amount of force required to break the material when stretched apart. The strength is measured in pounds per square inch across sectional areas. When the material is very thin, including fabric or film, the tensile strength is only measured in pounds.

Filtrexx uses ASTM D4595 which is the test method for tensile properties of geotextiles by the width-width strip method. This is the most accurate test for loose knot materials used for compost sock mesh. It measures the machine direction (MD) and transverse direction (TD). MD measures the strength and resistance of the mesh to the breaking point when stretched by length TD measures the strength and resistance of the mesh from breaking when pulled widthwise.

Silt Socks used for inlet protection

Inlet Protection Silt Socks

Is Tensile Strength Important?

If the strength is not acceptable, the mesh of the sock mesh can tear apart or fall apart when removed from the pallet, or taken to different place, during installing, or once stormwater flow comes in contact with the product. MD affects the filling, palletizing, and installation of the compost filter sock. TD will affect the filling process and maintenance after installing the compost sock. Filtrexx has several mesh products and strengths for different sites. To find out more about tensile strength and research, read Filtrexx TechLine #3324 – Tensile Strength Testing for Filtrexx Mesh Materials.

Drinage Sock in Channel

Check Dam Silt Sock

Filtrexx Bioswales

The Soxx technology for bioswales will help to remove silt, pollution, and filter stormwater runoff.

Filtrexx® has a wide range of Soxx answers for bioswales applications. Bioswales are described as landscape elements designed and engineered to reduce silt, pollution, and other elements from stormwater runoff. They are normally permanent, vegetated, shallow landscape depressions or channels where stormwater is headed, slowed, filtered, and somewhat absorbed . Bioswales will increase water quality as it helps infiltrate the stormwater runoff and the flow of the water. The Filtrexx Bioswale System offers infiltration, biofiltration, and flow acceleration to reduce stormwater pollutant loading and flow surges to the receiving waters, infiltration areas, and containment systems. The LID (Low Impact Development) combines organic matter, vegetation, and specific additives for physical and chemical filter stormwater pollutants.

The GeoSoxx® is the perfect answer for controlling stormwater while increasing vegetation growth in needed areas. GeoSoxx includes pollutant removal additives with their EnviroSoxx® product where different kinds of mesh, additives, and media can be customized for each project.