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Geotex 250ST - Woven Geotextile Fabric - 17.5' x 258'


SKU GT250STi17.5

Geotex 250ST is a woven geotextile that is manufactured with high tensile strength and low elongation to provide dimensional stability and deliver superior load distribution, reducing rutting and extending the life of paved and unpaved roadways. Geotex 250ST is ideal for constructing embankments over soft soils, steep slopes and modular block retaining walls.

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Model: Geotex 250ST (250STi)

Dimensions: 17.5' x 258'

Polypropylene woven fabric

Weight: 165 lbs
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  • High tensile strength and low elongation provides dimensional stability
  • Requires less aggregate, reducing the overall thickness of the road
  • Increases performance life of the road
  • Withstands tough construction loading
  • Resistant to ultraviolet degradation
  • Resistant to biological clogging, making it ideal for leachate collection systems and filtration beneath hard armor system
  • AASHTO/NTPEP Certified
  • Ease of installation reduces time and labor costs
  • Best Management Practice (BMP) to protect water quality by retaining soil and allowing water to filter through the geotextile (Silt Fence application)


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Intermediate Grade Woven Fabric

Geotex 250ST is a Woven Fabric

Benefits Of Using Woven Stabilization Fabric

There are many benefits of using woven landscape fabric that are worth considering when embarking on preparing a ground surface which requires stabilization. Woven fabric offers excellent stabilization due to its fiber construction. The fabric will not easily stretch allowing the gravel driveway to retain its original shape. The fabric ensures the subsoil underneath will be completely covered.

Woven landscape fabric will give you exactly what you need, a driveway fabric that has a base layer that is very strong, supportive, and extremely stable. Woven geotextile fabric is a much better choice over non-woven and traditional landscape fabrics.

The Different Grades Of Woven Landscape Fabric

Woven landscape fabrics are listed in categories depending on different grades. The grades are standard, intermediate, and heavy-duty. The heavy-duty grade is mostly used for commercial projects instead of residential driveways. The environmental area where the driveway is located will have an influence over the kind of woven landscape fabric used.

Standard-grade also called driveway underlayment and intermediate-grade geotextile fabrics are normally used for residential projects. They are not as expensive as heavy-duty landscape fabrics because they do not offer the strength or drainage capabilities of heavy-duty.

Most residential gravel driveways do not require heavy-duty grade fabrics. That said, if you live in an area that encounters a great deal of rain and poorly draining soil, heavy-duty grade geotextile fabric might be the better choice. In general, other grades are sufficient for most residential driveways.

Note: If you need a temporary roadway for site access we also have the MegaDeck ground protection composite matting which can help creates a stable platform or portable roadway for access.

Here is a list of the various grades and what they are normally used for:

Diagram of Woven Fabric Benefits

Geotex 250ST Fabric Benefits

Rocks Placed on Woven Fabric

Geotextile Fabric Being Used Under Rip Rap

Standard Grade Geotextile Fabric

This is a good choice for residential gravel driveways. It's a woven geotextile fabric that is single-layered. It's not particularly absorbent but a great choice for dry areas or areas that experience low surface water.

Standard-grade geotextile fabric is an excellent choice in low surface water and will keep soil from washing out. This alone makes standard grade an excellent choice for separation.

Tip: We also offer a open structure matting designed for metal roof ventilation and sound reduction or as a turf reinforcement mat that stabilizes the topsoil.

Intermediate Grade Geotextile Fabric

Intermediate-grade geotextile fabric provides an excellent level of absorbency and greater strength. This fabric offers a tighter weave allowing for higher tensile strength. If you notice the difference in the flow-through rate of this fabric, you will realize it's the best choice for draining water.

Intermediate-grade driveway fabric is the best choice for residential gravel driveways and even some commercial projects. This is a good choice for areas that have moderate rain and porous soil.

Note: If you’re also dealing with erosion issues. We offer Landlok 450 a Turf Reinforcement Mat made of a dense, interlocking, and multi-lobed polypropylene fibers. This mat has no biodegradable components. It is also stabilized against chemical and ultraviolet degradation.

Heavy-Duty Grade Geotextile Fabric

Without saying much more, heavy-duty grade geotextile fabric is extremely durable and exceptionally strong. This driveway fabric has been designed with fibers woven into the fabric.

The heavy-duty fabric provides very high tensile strength and excellent drainage. Water will pass through the fabric very easily without losing the underlying soil.

This fabric is mainly used for commercial projects. The heavy-duty geotextile fabric is a lot more expensive and not the first choice for residential driveways. This fabric is mostly used for industrial projects that need a very strong material for continual, heavy traffic.

Woven geotextile fabric is one of the best stabilization products, especially for the construction of driveways. It's very strong, supportive, and stable.

In some applications adding the erosion sock can be beneficial for inlet protection, perimeter control, slope interruption, or check dams.