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Perminator Vapor Barrier - 15 Mil - 12' x 200' Roll



Perminator is a premium underslab vapor barrier. This 15 mil barrier is a very effective choice to reduce the penetration of moisture and water vapor through the slap of the structure. This helps to reduce the growth of fungus, mildew, and mold growth. This product also helps to reduce radon gas from entering the structure. Perminator has one of the industry's lowest permeability ratings and nearly twice the puncture resistance of others.

***Minimum Order: 12 rolls*** Please call us at 800-583-4891 if you need less than this amount. We sell a comparable vapor barrier with no minimum order requirement.


Model : WRMMAT15

Weight: Approx 192 lbs

Dimensions: 12' x 200' per Roll  (2,400 SF)


Thickness: 15 Mil

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  • Helps reduce the penetration of moisture and water vapor through the slab into the structure.
  • Helps reduce fungus, mildew, and mold.
  • Helps reduce radon gas from entering a structure.
  • Resistant to methane gas.
  • Tough enough to withstand normal construction jobsite conditions and traffic ... will not crack, puncture, snag, split, or tear easily.
  • Installs quickly and easily over tamped grade. No gravel, fill, or sand needed.
  • Made in America.

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Perminator Vapor Barrier Installation

Perminator is an underslab vapor barrier

Vapor Barrier at Job-Site

Perminator Comes in Large Rolls

Perminator Vapor Barrier For Airbus' Plant In Mobile, AL  Case Study

About W.R. Meadows

W.A. Meadows manufactures the highest quality products for construction sites. Their products include the protection and sealing of concrete, restoring concrete, and expansion joints. The company offers only high-quality products and systems that exceed EPA standards and guidelines.

The Project

Contractors, the distributor, and W.R. Meadows came together for a difficult project in the rainiest city in the U.S, Mobile, AL. Mobile Alabama is known for being the rainiest city in the U. S with an annual rainfall of 67-inches. Airbus decided to build its first U.S manufacturing facility on the property next to Mobile Bay. This led to unexpected issues for the contractors dealing with excessive groundwater when constructing the Airbus factory.The grand opening of the plant took place in September 2015, proving the contractors found the right waterproofing solution. Waterproofing specialist Ram Construction Services and the general contracting firm Brasfield & Gorrie found the answers they were looking for using W.R. Meadows' waterproofing and moisture control products.  W.R. Meadows' distributor, Service Construction Supply, was there to help out the contracting firms.

Battling water while waterproofing tunnels one mile long

Jeremy Dunaway, Regional Manager for Michigan-headquartered Ram Construction said every time it rained, there were significant challenges ahead of them.  One of their biggest concerns was waterproofing the mile-long tunnels 15-feet underground. The tunnels were located under the floor where commercial jetliners were going to be assembled. The tunnels were constructed with a conduit for piping and a safe walkway in and around the 700,000 square foot facility.Dunaway added, even though they were working under a roof, the groundwater was substantial. Because the plant is very close to Mobile Bay, every time it rained the water would rise considerably. In turn, this led to a great deal of pumping and drying out before they could resume work.Gil Roberts, President of Service Construction Supply, could not imagine working with a better company than Meadows. Their response time on various issues, their engineering help getting them what was needed for submittals and approvals, and their working with the contractor customers makes them one excellent, solid company.Dunaway said hundreds of piles were driven in to reinforce the floors tunnels. Before the concrete trucks arrived, they needed to treat around the pilings, lay down the PRECON, and roll it out onto the edge forms for the tunnel foundations.

W.R. Meadows' Product - PRECON

W.R. Meadows'  PRECON is a dual-action under slab and blindside waterproofing membrane made of non-woven fabric. The 7-layer design is extremely tough and is rated the lowest water vapor transmission on the market. It bonds firmly to poured concrete creating solid waterproofing protection. This product offers stronger protection than products that are like clay. It also provides a stronger seal and a flexible rubberized asphalt core.The team relieved hydrostatic pressure buildup by installing W.R. Meadows' MEL-DRAIN. This is a polystyrene sheet secured to a strong polypropylene fabric allowing moisture to pass through the fabric while preventing fine soils from getting into the drainage channel. There are several designs available depending on compressive strength and flow rate requirements.Once the concrete was poured on the slab, the walls were raised and treated with MEL-ROL. Dunaway said it was like performing two different operations. They put down the PRECON, came back after the concrete had cured, and applied MEL-ROL to the walls. He added, they just paced themselves through the entire tunnel project.MEL-ROL is a W.R Meadows is a polymeric waterproofing membrane on a heavy 4-mil cross-laminated polyethylene carrier film.  It offered an overlap guideline to assure it was properly overlapped and helped in maintaining a straight application.W.R Meadows' products are so much easier to navigate and install than other products that are rigid and bulky and difficult to work with especially when working in a tunnel. The team was saved time on the project and helped them proceed quickly.Over the five months it took to complete the project, Ram used 40,000 sq. ft. of PRECON and 65,000 sq. ft. of MEL-ROL.

The General Contractor vapor-proofs the foundation with PERMINATOR

The firm of Brasfield & Gorrie is the general contractor based out of Birmingham, Alabama.  Brian Underwood was the Superintendent of the 65-man crew.Underwood said they spent two years working on the project. They did the foundation piling than the foundation. When they were done, they worked on the build-out. Underwood's team used pumps just about 24/7 to make sure everything remained dry so they could continue working.

W.R. Meadows' Product - PERMINATOR

Perminator gives the industry a very effective, economical option to help reduce moisture and water vapor from entering the structure through the slabs. This would help keep down fungus, mildew, and the growth of mold. Perminator also reduces radon gas from entering the building as well.Brasfield & Gorrie chose PERMINATOR for the foundation slab. This vapor barrier can also be used as a protector for waterproofing membranes.  Thanks to new technology, this product offers much greater puncture resistance while keeping one of the lowest perm ratings in the industry.  Perminator is ideal for job site conditions and traffic.MEL-ROL is a 2-component detailing membrane used on the walls of the foundation.  Underwood said they had used W.R MEADOWS products on many other jobs and had experienced great success with them, including on this project.

Local Distributor, W.R. Meadows  Plays A Significant Role

The common choice for both contractors was using W.R MEADOWS' distributor, Service Construction Supply. On top of that, they are perfectly located across the road from the Airbus construction site in Mobile, AL.Jeremy Dunaway, Regional Manager for Ram Construction, said Gil Roberts and his company (Service Construction Supply ) played an important role for Dunaway on the Airbus project. They were not allowed to store material in bulk on the site but with a good working relationship with Service Construction Supply, they could count on a steady stream of MEADOWS' materials as needed. They were also very helpful in other ways as well.Gil Roberts knew that Ram, the general contractor, was working with them so he was able to give feed back information to Dunaway about scheduling and other problematic issues that were causing difficulties.  The concrete pours were coming in faster than expected so they had to be sure Ram was getting the materials needed to keep up with the fast-paced scheduling.

Great support came from W.R. MEADOWS

Michel Cripps, MEADOWS sales manager, was another very valuable source for all involved.  Over the initial planning phase, Cripps worked with Ram engineers in Michigan on designating the right W.R. MEADOWS' waterproofing products for the project. Once work started, local W.R. MEADOWS sales personnel made periodic inspections, for both Ram and Brasfield & Gorrie. They also helped Ram resolve some abnormal problems.As an example, Dunaway explained that a small area was waterproofed with a different product by another contractor. As they had to connect MEL-ROL to the other product and be certain these two materials would work well together. W.R. MEADOWS' input and the experience were priceless. They performed an on-site adhesion test for the peel and sticks and believed there would be no issues.  The biggest issue was deciding who would be the warranty responsible for it. MEADOWS' support made it very easy to make a decision. MEADOWS' flexibility is one of the things he personally appreciated about their approach. MEADOWS more than understood that there is more than one way to get the job done.Gil Roberts, Service Construction Supply's President, summed it up. He couldn't think of a company more relationship-oriented. They worked with Roberts' salespeople, their response time on issues, their engineering help getting what they needed for submittals and approvals, and the ability to work with their contractor customers. He believes these are the qualities that make MEADOWS one great, very sound company.

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