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Plastic Erosion Mat



The Plastic Erosion Mat is an ideal erosion control solution for slopes.  This matting is made of high-grade plastic bonded nylon fibers.  The erosion control mat provides a place for vegetation to grow and structure open fiber structure has enough area for grass and plant roots to take hold without being washed out from hillside water run-off.

This matting is used in a number of applications such as on steep hillsides, roadside embankments, gullies, slopes, or as a mesh underlayment for sod.

The erosion mat roll easily installs as they conform to any landscape and work with all soil types.  After installation and soil and seed have been applied then the grass and plant roots gradually grab the mat fibers making for stronger hillsides that can’t easily be blown or washed away with high winds and water run-off.


  Model: 7010 TRM

  Weight: 75 lbs

  Size: 8' wide x 169' long

  Material Thickness: .25 inch

  Sq Ft:

  Core Material:

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  • Permanent erosion control for vegetated channels with expected shear stresses ≤ 8 psf
  • Permanent erosion control for moderate to steep slopes (≤1H:1V)
  • Support and enhance performance of ecosystem plants
  • Substrate for hydraulically applied Flexible Growth Medium (FGM) or Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM)
  • Meets requirements of FHWA FP03 Type 5B TRM
  • Material Specific Gravity of > 1.14 prevents buoyancy— the No Float TRM. 


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Enkamat 7010 on Hillside

Erosion Control Mat Used to Stabilize Topsoil

EnkaMat Erosion Control Mats For Slopes

Erosion produced by water and wind can cause serious damage to slopes. In many cases, erosion is too relentless to be stopped by planting vegetation or installing degradable temporary erosion control blankets. To stop or prevent erosion, you need a root-reinforcement system. This system should offer immediate erosion protection. EnkaMat erosion control matting has been designed exactly for this purpose.  EnkaMat supports the development of a natural vegetation cover. The most common places where EnkaMat is installed are on dry slopes to prevent erosion including roads and railway embankments.

Tip: In some applications adding the erosion control filter sock can be beneficial for inlet protection, perimeter control, slope interruption, or check dams can be beneficial.

About EnkaMat Erosion Control Mats

The EnkaMat products come in a wide range of differing erosion control mats with various thicknesses up to 20 millimeters. These mats are durable-polymeric monofilaments that are fused together where they intersect and are formed into a pyramid-shaped design.  The fibers build an artificial root structure with a length of up to 2,980 meters per square meter.

90% of its capacity can be filled with soil. This will ensure excellent integration and immediate stabilization of the slope's surface.  EnkaMat offers high resistance to weathering and UV radiation. If you need installation on rocky slopes and geomembranes, there are various products available with reinforcing grids or woven fabrics.

Note: We also have wood fiber erosion control blanket options.

Slope after using Plastic Erosion Mat

Plastic Erosion Mat Used to Promote Vegetation

Plastic Erosion Mat Entanglements

Enkamat 7010 is a Plastic Erosion Mat

How EnkaMat Works To Prevent Erosion On Dry Slopes

EnkaMat offers effective erosion protection even before the establishment of vegetation and is often used to protect new or repaired slopes and embankments from erosion. EnkaMat's filament core acts like a brake to slow down wind speed and water run-off.  On top of that, EnkaMats create an environment that is friendly for seed germination. Once a layer of vegetation has developed, EnkaMat will permanently reinforce its root system.  This results in a long-term effective erosion control solution. EnkaMat is available in different thicknesses and installing the matting is fast and simple after grading the slope while filling and compacting large open areas and gullies.

This is how it works, the erosion mats are pinned to the slope then the chosen seed mixture is placed into the matting. Lastly, the topsoil is raked into EnkaMat until the erosion mat is completely covered. If you need fast installation, you can have the mat delivered in a width of up to 3.85 meters.

What Makes EnkaMat the Perfect Erosion Protection Product?

• Has been continually used since the 1970s
• Is an Open Structure
• Is Very Flexible
• Is Biologically and Chemically inert
• Offers UV resistance
• Is lightweight
• Cuts easily with scissors
• Will seamlessly integrate into the landscape.


• Encourages fast vegetation growth
• Offers a permanent and green solution
• Reliability reinforces vegetation root systems
• Adapts easily to complex soil
• Very easy to handle and install
• Is maintenance free

Note: If you also have a artificial turf, or paver installation we have a drainage membrane available in multiple roll types and sizes.

Plastic Erosion Matt at Job site

TRM Used on Slope