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Drainage Mat Roll


SKU 3611R

The drainage mat rolls are the premier rooftop drainage solution. Each horizontal drainage mat is made of durable monofilament nylon fiber and provides a strong 3D mesh matrix preventing the pooling by draining water quickly, even under heavy loads.

Each drainage mat is applied over the rooftop surface and provides a protective layer that enables both drainage and breathability of roof membranes. The media mesh allows the water to easily flow without having the same maintenance as a typical roof drain. The geotextile fabric layer of the mat acts as a filter to keep dirt and debris from clogging.

Ideal for green roofs, flat rooftops, garden areas, under artificial turf, and under pavers.

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  • EnkaDrain is the leading drainage composite for over four decades
  • Combines drainage, protection and filtration in one product
  • Various discharge capacities and compressive strengths available
  • Eliminates clogging of the draingage core
  • No deterioration of the boundaries associated with traditional drainage methods
  • Will not degrade over time and will not pollute the subsoil
  • Excellent durability and long-term performance
  • The product is lightweight, strong, and easy to install in all weathers


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White, thin Drainage Mat

Drainage Mats Come in Various Sizes and Thicknesses

EnkaDrain's High-Performance Drainage Mat For Pavers & Hardscapes

For year-round success, parking areas, pavements, and plaza decks need effective subsurface drainage. EnkaDrain is a drainage solution which is lightweight, easy to move, and can be installed quickly.

Over the past 10 years, hardscapes have been constructed around the world using this compression-resistant, high-performance drainage mat.

The EnkaDrain products for pavers and hardscape drainage serve many functions and are made of three-dimensional composite materials.  Their products offer durable drainage layers sandwiched between two strong, lightweight nonwoven fiber fabrics.  To prevent any issues of filter intrusion into the core, the space between the contact points of the core and filter is quite small in comparison to other kinds of drainage geocomposites. The drainage layer is made of tough synthetic monofilaments that are pre-shaped into a U-groove or V-shape. The results offer a pressure-resistant open structure with 95% open space.

To comply with building regulations, the EnkaDrain products for pavers and hardscape drainage offers various designs for specific regions. They can be installed quickly and easily due to the polymers used. These mats offer outstanding resistance to all chemicals commonly found in soil.

Note: If you need a temporary roadway for site access we also have the temporary road mat which can create a portable roadway for site access.

EnkaDrain Accurately Drains Off Excess Water

Acquiring a well-designed drainage system is a job that can be satisfied by geocomposites. This product is perfect for areas with high traffic loads, and high compression resistance, and one of the main factors taken into consideration when choosing a suitable product. With a thickness of up to 30-40 cm, EnkaDrain can easily replace gravel drainage layers resulting in less excavation and substantial cost savings along with CO2 emission savings for obtaining and transporting granular material.

EnkaDrain has proven to be the preferred choice by increasing numbers of engineers and contractors. It resists compression in order to ensure high flow rates even under significant loads. When installed in parking roofs, the drainage mat will provide a drainage system that will prevent the infiltration of rainwater. It will also protect the waterproofing layer while at the same time ensuring the separation of the waterproofing layer and the upper concrete layer.

The drainage mats will reduce humidity in concrete structures.  They are lightweight as well as very easy to work with and offer easy installation. The material can be easily cut using scissors. Due to its flexibility, the drainage mat can be put to use with accuracy, even in corners or at pinch points.

Drainage Mats used for Pavers

EnkaDrain Can Be Used Under Pavers

EnkaDrain Up Close View

EnkaDrain 3801 come in White Color

EnkaDrain Is The Perfect Drainage System For Pavers & Hardscapes

The Features:
- A multifunction product for drainage, separation, and protection
- Offers superior discharge capabilities
- Long-term compression resistance
- High predictable flow rates
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Extremely lightweight
- Easy to cut

The Benefits:
- Offers cost savings design
- Faster to install than granular material
- Continuous water flow is guaranteed, even under high loads
- Improves the life of pavers and hardscapes
- Replacement of granular material contributes to CO2 emission savings

Save money and time, EnkaDrain products are the perfect alternatives for pavers and hardscape drainage including parking lots, pavements, and plaza decks by offering excellent subsurface drainage.

Note: We also have wood fiber erosion control blanket options made from a multi-directional fiber matrix that is bound by photo-degradable, biodegradable, or permanent netting.